Donald Trump

When an American president speaks publicly every word means something. Ronald Reagan could polish the words for hours to get the right formulations, President Obama let the King of Norway wait for almost an hour because he worked with Nobel Prize speech. When Trump met the press, he simply babble away about everything and everyone. To hear Trump talk about the job that lies ahead of him was strange, to say the least. As if the presidency was something he would fling now and then, and fill with a few things he thought it should contain.

Trump made a point that he did not see any obstacles that he could run his business empire further, with great success of course, while he was president. He thought he’d handled both jobs brilliant. But, almost as a “favor”, he had chosen not to do so.

Trumps victory has created a divided nation in the United States. Although he ran one of history’s most aggressive election campaigns. His shouted that his opponents should be trown in jail or be locked out with walls. They were branded as liars and wretched people. After Trumps victory, the controversy has grown. Hatred towards Trump is so strong that some of the liberal wing do almost anything to frame him. He answers with what he does best, more petty aggression and something that looks like an almost morbid egotism.

At the beginning of his presidency, he also fell in war with US intelligence agencies. They were branded as Nazis after a questionable report on alleged links between Trump and Russia ended up in the media. In the same report it was also reprinted allegations and very compromising private information about Trump.

Open war between a new president and US secret services is a new low point in American politics. It’s good news for all of US enemies. Intelligence services are far from infallible, but a country where they do not have the confidence of decision-makers are particularly vulnerable. An America where President Trump can dismiss all objections to own perceptions as disloyalty. This is a United States that is going to get a real “face punch”.

Trump is now working to replace the intelligence chiefs in the United States with people he likes and who supports him. “Nazis” going out, and replaced with supporter gang. Everyone who saw Trump at this press conference realize that whoever gives him resistance will live short in his administration. Here everything should just be “great” and “fantastic”. It is a recipe for disaster.


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