Dictatorship is indeed one of the most dangerous practices by those people who own the power and use it for the sake of ruling over people in the way they want. There is certainly no doubt in the fact that dictatorship can be useful under certain conditions however, we should not forget the fact that if leaders are not aware of the short and long term impact of dictatorship then, this situation is indeed holds the power of creating several problems for the country and for its people because one wrong action by the dictator can lead to numerous unfavorable circumstances.

Today, the readers of the article would be able to find maximum information about the dictatorship in China and how leaders are ruling over people with the help of their dictator leadership style. We would also be sharing the influence of dictatorship on several people of a country and how this one word is perceived by different individuals. It won’t be wrong to state that leadership is one of the most important aspects of any country and if leader are not capable of performing their job rightly then, it would certainly become hard for the people to show their loyalty.

If we examine the system of Dictatorship in China then, according to many researchers, China has tried to establish its worth as a capitalist country however, it is hard to reject the fact that China is still one of the dictator’s country and it is very confidently running on the same principles of dictatorship, which are not very acceptable by those people who are interested in freedom and wants to practice their own wills without getting bound with the rules of the government. Laws are made just to prevent people from undertaking some unfavorable steps however, these laws also help people in maintaining the difference between what is right and what is wrong.

In China dictatorship is one of the major problems because it is entirely linked with the rules of the government and how leaders tend to behave with their people while using their power in the most desirable manner.

The dictatorship got rise in China because according to many researchers, when people of China got authority or power they tend to forget about the party from which they belongs and what were those things, which motivated people to vote from them. These leaders are also known fro not taking the party seriously after getting the authority because their interest is shifted towards those things which are more important and more worthy of their time then, the party discipline.

It is certainly hard to give any evidences about the dictatorship in China however, one thing is sure that after the appointment of ‘core’ member of the leader of the party, the conditions of the party as well as the country are expected to witness the change because of the rapid change in the attitudes of the leaders. Right now, it is hard to give any predications about the future however, if we look at the leadership style of China then, a dictator attitude is expected to be on the rise.

Above statements are made based on the analysis of the policies introduced by the ‘core’ leader of the party, who indeed managed to get to the position of the leader after much hard work. If we also analyze the past trends then, from the past three years China is being dragged towards the dictatorship and every leader is trying his best to maintain the ties however, they are intentionally or maybe unintentionally following those principles, which are the road towards the dictatorship.

Communist dictatorship is also one of the most common things in China because the communist parties are more interested in representing the entire class rather than solely working of the principles of the dictatorship. It won’t be wrong if we say that China is on the road towards the dictatorship however, for now, we can call China a single party ruled country because only a single party and its ‘core’ leader is interested in handling the entire working of the state, which can no doubt be dangerous and equally advantageous in several ways and forms.

Several researchers, tried their best to justify the position of China however, it is interesting to see that they ended up with fragments like partial dictatorship in China and democratic dictatorship where people are given the leverage of accessing political stuff according to the permission given by the government. This scene can also be defined as the limited access because in this case the powers of the people are extremely limited and powers of the government are imposed on the locals, just for the hypothetical betterment of the country.

According to several opinions, dictatorship can be used for introducing changes in the country however, it should be used in the right manner and the attitudes of the people should be keenly observed in order to avoid mistakes.

Analysis of the constitutions of the China indicates that China is basically a dictator based country and people of the country are somehow satisfied with the ruling authority or how they are further planning to rule over the people.

It won’t be wrong to state that leaders play a significant role in transforming the attitudes of the people and a good leader is that one person who is capable of empowering its people and trusting them with their skills. China is indeed loaded with skillful people and they are no doubt capable of performing amazing work however, we should never forget the fact that if something wrong is happening in the country and people are not happy with the ruling style then, this issue is capable of disturbing the health of the country in the adverse manner. Every step should be keenly observed for the betterment.


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