Animals are one of those living beings, which are capable of molding human hearts with their loving gesture, silent love and unconditional care. It is even traumatizing to imagine the fact that in some major countries of the world, animals are dragged into the death just for the sake of adding extra flavor to their foods and maybe some fun element to their lives.

There is certainly no doubt in the fact that animal cruelty is not at all acceptable in any way of form and strong steps should be taken in order to protect the lives of these helpless and silent creatures. If we try to list and rank those countries, which are known for their animal cruelty then, China is on the top of the list because of its weird festivals and several unbearable events.

It is very disappointing to see that people fail to understand the simple fact that animals are also the part of living creatures and they do have certain rights. It is indeed very much easy for human being to neglect the rights of animals and kill them for the sake of little and fake entertainment The animals which are mostly targeted by the majority of people are cats and dogs.

According to several researchers, people tend to kill animals because they own this so-called perception that when an animal faces a lot of difficulty during death process then, the chances of good animal food are relatively high. It is more disappointing to declare that some people are so interested in earning money by monetizing the videos of animal cruelty so that they can get more likes and shares however; they simply forget the fact that these saddening videos are capable of ruining the mental state of people and can make them suffer their decision of watching the video.

It won’t be wrong to state that animal cruelty has now become the part of the trend and people feel no shame in taking the lives of animals. Most of the people owns the perception that killing of animal is justifiable because they are sent on the earth just for the sake of enjoyment and they can be killed by people because they don’t have senses, they can’t speak for their own selves and apparently they don’t possess any rights. This mentality is highly dangerous in nature because it can result in the mass killing of animals, which is actually happening in the world these days.

In China, not only local people are involved in the killing of animals however, the vast majority of law enforcement authorities are also very happily involved in the process of taking the precious lives of stray dogs by beating them to death. It is true that stray dogs create numerous problems for the people however; this problem can be rectified with the help of planning strategies, which can help the dogs in living their life without any problem and threat of life.

Recently, a video was posted on the local website, where police of China, happily killed the dog by beating them up with the help of wood. This type of attitude is not strange in China because now people don’t realize the fact that animals are also living beings and they are the source of happiness for majority of people. Killing of animal will not lead to anything than regret.

According to the information sources, the dogs which were brutally killed by the police officers belonged to a man, who lived in a village and those two dogs used to guard him. Dogs are said to be one of the most loyal animals however; the loyalty of these helpless animals is under the hands of those people who are not capable enough of controlling their anger, their unjustifiable fun needs and much more.

If we throw more light on the animal killing trend in China then, a festival is conducted in the country on yearly basis just for the sake of eating the flesh of dogs, which is freshly made. For conducting this festival, big dogs are thrown in to the hot boiling water so that the taste of the dog can be enhanced just for the sake of increasing the enjoyment of the people. The picture of this event is shared on various social medias because there is certainly no doubt in the fact that we human are so selfish that we are only interested in augmenting our level of enjoyment and getting hot news from different parts of the world. Practice like killing and boiling of animals is very common in the countries like China because nobody is ready to stand against the event like these.

Now, I would like to talk about the fact that how these problems can be solved and how the lives of precious and helpless animals can be saved from the cruelty of the Chinese people who are indeed not at all ready to stop.

The one of the ways of controlling animal killing is by raising the awareness about the fact that animals are living being and they also posses feelings like human. Killing animals is like killing a human being, who is not capable of speaking up for their own self. Awareness plan should be established and a proper demonstration plan should be created in order to save the lives of these tongues less living beings.

Training the animals can also be done in order to inform the people that they are not dangerous and they can also be the good friends of human being. It is true that people have this perception that animals are dangerous and they are capable of taking the lives of people or hurting them however, this perception is definitely not true in the case of animals like cats, rabbits, which are highly trained and knows that they should take care of human beings.


If you are against the animal killing in China then, raise your voice with us because animals also have feelings!


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