It’s time to throw light on all those lies and fallacy stories, which Donald Trump used during his presidential campaign in order to scare the hell out of people and force them to believe that he is the one who has got all the power and ruling authority.

Before talking about all the lies, which Donald Trump spoke, I would like to talk about who is Trump and how his existence in the world of politics can be called as a lie. Donald Trump is an entrepreneur by profession and his entire family including children is involved in the empire created by Trump. During early stages of his life, he hosted NBC reality show and it is interesting to say that NBC reality show was awarded with the title of Lie of the year.

Donald Trump indeed owns a history of lying and there is certainly no denying the fact that Donald Trump has lied on several occasions, and those lies can easily be identified by those people who understands little about the nature of politics and reality shows. The purpose of this piece of paper is to shed light on those lies of Donald Trump, which helped him in establishing his credibility in the eyes of people and aided him in hiding his hideous side from some innocent Americans.

The first and foremost lie told by Donald Trump was that Ex-president of United States of America Mr. Barak Obama is a disrespecting man because he screamed at an old man during his speech. However, if we throw light on the real story then, Barak Obama is one of those amazing names, who is known for his gentle speeches and he always respected the opinion of each and every human being. Not only Mr. Barak Obama, his entire family is known for respecting each and every human.

Donald Trump tried to bash the personality of the Mr. Barak Obama by passing false statements however, there is no denying the statement that liars can’t hide for a long period of time and same is the case with Donald Trump.

Second biggest lie every told by Donald Trump is that he respects women. Yes, you have got it right! We are referring to the statement where he said that he has utmost respect for women and nobody is capable of respecting women more than him. Well, I must say that Donald Trump is pro at making up false stories for establishing his wrong credibility among the hearts of his followers.

During the same presidential polling, Donald Trump said that he won the debate on women however, the truth was contradictory, and the results indicated that Henry Clinton won that debate and she was no doubt one of those candidates who always wanted to follow the truth and she is the true winner in our eyes. Donald Trump should be punished for telling the lie because he played with the trust of people and tried to mock their confidence and true feeling with false speeches, which should be exposed.

If we talk about all the false statements passed by Donald Trump related to the life of Mr. Barak Obama then, we would run out of word and list won’t stop. I would like to talk about the minimal issue raised by Donald Trump about the birth of Barak Obama. He said that Obama is not American born and he debated on the matter with Clinton and he very confidently raised the matter of ‘birther’ during his presidential election period. Donald Trump should be given the award of telling number of Lies.

Next biggest lie every told by Donald Trump is that he is not supporting the on-going war in Iraq. According to several major evidences, Donald Trump is one of those political leaders, who own immense knowledge about the war going in Iraq and he is one of the biggest supporters of the war. During his speeches and presidential debates he clearly mentioned that he is against the on going war in Iraq however, his twitter and past statements doesn’t seems to follow his speeches. It won’t be wrong to claim that Donald Trump has the power of changing his statements according to the need of audience. He is capable of manipulating the thoughts of people and because of the very same reason now he is the 45th president of America. He has not only manipulated the mindset of people instead, he is also making the lives of people miserable with the help of his false and heart breaking statements.

According to several reports, the presidential elections in America were rigged because majority of people were supporting Ms. Clinton and entire population was against the policies stated by the Donald Trump during his speeches and debate against Ms. Clinton.

Last but not the least, Trump is one of those amazing persons who consider global warming and climate change as a joke. Yes! I wonder how someone could be so uninformed even being highly informed. Never-mind, according to Trump, climate change is just a false deception and it has nothing to do with reality. He further claimed that global warming is just a false idea and it is a fallacy created by Chinese people. I guess Donald Trump is all set to become the scientist with his newly evolved statements, which are indeed senseless and certainly very hard to believe by the person who has just little knowledge.


In this article, we tried to shed light on some of the major lies told by the current president of America known as Donald Trump. According his past records, it is expected that Donald Trump is planning to lie in the near future and play with the sentiments of all those people who have trusted him with their voting power and their trust.


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