There is certainly no doubt in the fact that people who owns the power are in the position of influencing the entire system of the country and it won’t be wrong to claim that same is happening in one of the most trapped countries like Palestine.

People of Palestine are indeed faced with adverse conditions and it is very depressing to see that nobody is even ready to help them. Just like us, you must have been thinking that why people of Palestine are targeted by Jewish settlers and why nobody is willing to give them a helping hand.

Well, today our goal is to shed light on those factors, which are highly responsible for the harmful condition of Palestine people and how these problems can be solved in the shorter period of time.

It won’t be wrong to state that one of the hardest things for any family or any human being is to see their house burning and their families getting tortured by those people, who are not even in the authority. Same is happening in Palestine because higher authority is not at all interested in saving the life of its people.

According to several reports, the person who is highly responsible for causing the destruction is the prime minister of Israel named as Benjamin Netanyahu. The prime minister of Israel is supporting Jewish people because those people are capable of serving the interest of the Prime minister. There is no denying the fact that if higher authority wants then, it is not difficult for them to stop and even put ban on those people who are causing adverse situations in the country and killing people for no specific reason, which is indeed not justifiable in any shape or form. Certain evidences makes it very clear that Benjamin Netanyahu is one of those people who is in the strongest favor of Jewish leadership because they own the power and they know how to use it against powerless innocent people, who are ready to give their lives just for the sake of saving their families from the regular attacks.

Jewish leaders have decided not to stop because their actions as they are backed by some giant leaders like Prime minister of Israel. It is indeed more depressing to declare that Jewish people are not only taking the lives of people however, they are also adversely affecting the holy places of Islam like mosques and other major places.

Not only major countries are adversely impacted instead some of the major villages, which are known as food areas of Palestine are being destroyed with the help of price attacks. Jewish people are attacking these villages on the name of price tags because they are interested in ruining the food source of the country because they want to cut all the sources of food. They have the long term plan of killing all the people of Palestine so that they can conquer the area and rule it according to their own choice.

There is certainly no doubt in the fact that Israel Prime Minister is satisfied with all the activities of Jewish people and he is also not interested in stopping them either, according to certain reports he encourages them to do so. Several reports have published that fake Jewish people are also involved in causing the bad conditions because they have adopted the strategy of getting mixed up with real Jewish because they owns the power and authority.

Jewish people are also taking over the government institutions and injuring the people for no specific reason. According to some reports, the Jewish people have also taken over the West bank and they are planning to harm the entire position of the economy just to inform the world that they own the power and can badly and very rudely impact the lives of people.

The validity of the above statement was made when the human right organization invited the prime minister of Israel and he refused to come because he was not all interested in catering to the demands of the human right organization and working for the betterment of the country.

Laws enforcement authorities from all around the world are trying to put immense effort just for the betterment of the country and they are also planning to ask for the help from those people who are willing to help people who are deadly suffering and sacrificing their lives just because of the fact that prime minister of the country is satisfied with what’s happening in the country because his own interest is being served and his own demands are being fulfilled in the most effective manner.

In my opinion the problem of Palestine people can be solved if the higher authority of Israel is replaced by those people who own the qualities of being an effective leader and own the potential of changing the position of the country. Security forces are also playing their part to make the condition better however: we should not forget the fact that once a leader decides to do corruption and corrupt the ideas of people then, nothing could stop them from achieving their most negative goals and badly hurting the sentiments of the entire nation.

It won’t be wrong to state that one helping hand can change the entire position of the country and I must say that people of Palestine our in the dyer need of our help and prayers. Our all the prayers and love is with the people of Palestine.


We stand together forever! 


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