The law enforcement agencies are the symbol of authority and power in the country. The people of the country feel safe when they see any member of the law enforcement agencies regardless of their backgrounds, races, and ages. Moreover, the chances of the presence of the police or any other law enforcement agency discourage the criminals from pursuing any foul action. It is because they are considered as the servants of the public and try their best to safeguard their lives, property, honor, or anything related to them. Furthermore, other than just catching the criminal, they may also have to testify in the court of law if they are the witness of any crime.

The RCMP or the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is the federal as well as the national police force of Canada. It is commonly known as the Mounties in the country and as the Force in the internal grounds. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police was initially formed in the year 1920 due to the merger of the Dominion Police with the Royal Northwest Mounted Police. This law enforcement agency has the responsibility of providing the law enforcement in the country on the federal basis. Not only this, the organization also gives authority on the contractual basis to the eight provinces in Canada, three territories, 600 native communities, more than 150 municipalities, and  three international airports.


The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is one of the best national police forces in Canada. There are many reasons that have brought this organization among the best ones in Canada. One of the reasons is that it provides a number of services including the municipal policing, the legendary Musical Ride, the national security intelligence gathering, and a number of other services. Moreover, the organization has proved itself as the one that can control any type of crime in the country and maintain peace and harmony there.

The RCMP is not an ordinary police organization whose task is to just arrest the criminals that are involved in small crime; the organization is responsible to fulfill a number of most complicated tasks. Some of the most difficult responsibilities of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police include counterfeiting, organized crimes, commercial crimes, drug trafficking, border integrity, and other related matters. Also, the RCMP provides protection services for the Governor General, Monarch, Prime Minister, other ministers of the Crown, and their families and residences as well. This police institution is well reputed for many of its other duties such as its provision of counter – terrorism and domestic security, the diplomatic missions, participating in various international policing efforts, and visiting dignitaries. In other words, we can say that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is a complete package that provides as the benefits required by any state. As a result, the Government of Canada does not have to worry about the security of the country and also it does not have to form different police organization for every different type of crime.

One of the cases was registered in Canada on 21st November, 2002. It was the worst health related case of Canada in which thousands of people were infected with HIV and hepatitis C due to a tainted blood. The investigation of this case was done by the RCMP who did not only identify the culprits but also made them go through the trails and face punishments.

The other positive side of the RCMP includes its vision statement, mission statement, and the values that they carry. The vision of the organization is that it wants to be the proactive, innovative, and progressive police organization. RCMP also wishes to provide the best services to the people of Canada with the help of education, dynamic leadership, and the technology that has become one of the main components of the today’s society. Also, the organization knows the importance of the shared decision making; hence, RCMP promotes team building, mutual respect, and open communication. According to the vision of the organization, they want to have a healthy work environment for its workers. Moreover, the mission of this police organization says that they are proud of their tradition and can meet any further challenge in order to preserve peace in the society.


In any type of organization, it is not possible for the company to do not have any flaws. Similar to this situation, the law enforcement agencies do have some flaws and they also make mistakes. As far as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) is concerned, it has also faced some scandals in its operating life. According to Andrew Graybill, an American historian, the RCMP is very similar to the Texas Rangers in a number of ways. He claimed this because the organization usually protects, which order that has been established, by removing or restraining the Indians. RCMP also does this by controlling the Métis in Canada, the African Americans in Texas, and the other mixed blood people which is not at all expected by a renowned police organization. The historian also says that the discrimination is done with the farmers too because the large scale farmers are assisted in the exploitation of the small scale farmers.

Other than these, the RCMP has also faced the scandal of sexual harassment of the civilian members as well as the female officers of the organization. Later, a letter of apology was submitted by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) regarding the sexual abuse, discrimination, and harassment of the civilian members and the female officers. The organization had to bear the cost of about $ 100 million in order to fund and compensate the victims of this scandal.


However, despite the fact that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has faced a number of scandals, it is still among the best national institutions of Canada. It is because there is no organization that does not have any “black sheep” in it and they are the ones who defame the organization.


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