Benjamin Netanyahu killings is not an anonymous news to hear, in fact the killings should be more specifically referred as massive killings of innocents and the reason to kill these fancy little champs or blameless kids is only that, they are a children of a Muslim and sadly a born or resident of a terribly tortured by the armed forces of Israel not so uncommon for world now is none other than the most pain bearing country around the globe “Palestine”.

Netanyahu knowingly a rich and cunning prime minister of Israel has been involved in passing the care free orders for the execution of Palestinians without even considering the fact that Palestinians also includes the large amount of infants and children. The ware between Israel and Palestine is not really a matter of destruction for just recent days in fact it is the war or battle of many years which has terribly affected the lives of people on both the lands but the brutality and inhuman attitude which Israel carried towards Palestinians under the ruling of this callous prime minister “Netanyahu” can nothing be more worse than the previous history of Palestine.

Netanyahu killings of thousands of children mainly living in the sub and crowded areas of Gaza and Jerusalem got captured under the attacks of Israeli army , and that actually gives a more shallowness to the fire when the policy signed and approved by the arrogant man ‘Netanyahu which includes the tag-line called “ Shot to kill” has made the lives of these beautiful living beings and the precious gift of God were terribly shot and were exploded in the terrifying bomb blast by the Israeli extremist party.

Isn’t it a petrifying to even have a thought about this? and that is also when you are thinking for the solution but you just cannot reached to any as the voices of the painful screams and drained voices of these innocent rejects us to forget about them and reminds us to take the revenge of their dreadful deaths but unfortunately the whole world is upset but just cannot resist against the brutality and misleading of this cruel prime minister Netanyahu.

United States of America is quite… 

Since the year 2016 started to the date till today the dispute between Israel and Palestine is not taking any end not even the presence of top economical and well performing army become successful to spread peacefulness among these two states where the army of Israel was acting so inhuman and violent on the same hand the sort of strong reaction also got through the territories of Israel and the most probable reason of these sentiments of not being finished not even by the involvements of the super power country like United States of America as most of the American territory and their educational centers are being run by the funds and donations of Israelis and Netanyahu family.


In the multiple columns of the famous Human rights Organizations has posted the emetic dark side of Netanyahu destructive thinking about Muslims and Palestine and his hidden agenda to mold the majority of the population of Palestine in to the slavery resistant to free them to live their life according to the teachings of their religion .

The recent policy passed by the orders of Netanyahu was for the “shot to death” which has drastically taken a life of many Palestinians but saddest part is the majority who got hurt was the school going children where the few negative reports or bloggings were posted by the media of Israel defending the order by claiming the involvedness of these murdered children in the suicide bombings and terrorist attack in Israel.


Netanyahu’s effects of order could not have reached to this brutality where the two Palestinian girls known to be the early teenager, 13 and 16 years old and the cousins of each other were pitilessly attacked by the army of Israel. And that happened in the west Jerusalem.

The incident shown on the few seconds video was shown everywhere but not on the screens of USA based media to Israeli media where the attack was so cruel that the eyes of viewer and importantly a person who loves human being could not stop crying after watching a video that is maliciously and disparaging of the humanity.

Hadil can easily be seen in the video making no physical contact with army people instead looked so fearful by the army and having a scissors in her hand to protect herself from the malevolent of the army men when the other army man comes and started shooting Hadil brusquely until his gun finishes its all over six bullets.

Extreme saddened to watch or even hear this incident which was created by the army of Israel against the Palestinians girls even if they had attacked or tried to slap the army man who has given them a right to kill someone with such brittleness or wickedness? (Asked by the mothers sitting on the roads of Gaza protesting)

The other cousin Nurhan Awaad was seen to be lunges on the other side and was shot up by the other two men’s present in the whole incident known to be Israeli soldiers. Nurhan was clearly seen to be fainted and slaying on the road with face down to the road bleeding so bad that took her to the Comma for a whole life, the recent news shows her disability to answer or hear anything and continuously going under the ICU observation.



Sadly Netanyahu inhuman act against Palestine people has spread the fire of war between both the countries and the fire is raising higher day by day and that is also because of the selfish dominance by the prime minister of Israel who is not at all seemed doom or respectable towards humanity and peace.


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