President Trump and his non-stop comments over women body are indeed creating numerous problems for the women living in the United States and same comments are adversely impacting the mindset of the women living all around the world.

There is certainly no denying the fact that during Trump’s election campaign he used some totally unjustifiable words for women body and aimed to rule over them with the help of his aggressive words.

Trump shared his thoughts on abortion and stated that he is more interested in adopting some extreme laws such as not allowing the women to decide over their very own body and not going through the process of abortion process, if the deadline set by the elected Donald Trump has overlapped.

It seems like that Donald Trump is planning to take the life of women living all around the world by passing non-acceptable laws for them. While conveying his hate speeches during presidential campaign Donald Trump openly mentioned that women who go through the process of abortion should be severely punished and they should never be given the right of deciding over their body. Later on, when Donald Trump reviewed his remarks, he tried to cover his statements up by stating that the doctors who are capable of performing the abortion process should be punished because they are the ones who give the sense to people about certain medical processes.

According to the law passed by the federal government, it is deemed that if the life of a mother is at stake then, it is allowed to abort the kid even before two or three days prior the delivery however, Trump is not at all interested in considering the decision passed by the law rather he passed his self made law by saying that we should never care about life of women instead the life of unborn child should be taken care of.

According to the more federal records, most abortion processes take place with in the 12 weeks of the pregnancy and there are very few cases in which the abortion takes place after the 24 weeks of pregnancy.

Trump further stated that parents should focus on the planned parent-hood and those people who have spent their money on abortion should be refunded. Several NGO’s tried to oppose the decision passed by the law as it is no doubt one of the most contradictory and unacceptable laws because they are tend to impact the well being of the women living all around the world and there is certainly no doubt in the fact that women all around the world will suffer because of the Trump policies because he doesn’t care about the life of people instead, he is more interested in passing superficial laws, which can provide him immense benefits.

If we look at the conditions of poor women, then most women and men are given the sexual education and training however, it is definitely hard to take the records of personal life of people and stop them from going through the birth process. These cases are very difficult to control even in the United States of America because people have all the right to decide over their body because their body is their own asset and it should be controlled by their own self. Some poor women who are not capable of affording a child they prefer to go through the process of abortion and they take this decision after analyzing the entire situation. Even if the state is funding the new born, some women and even men are not ready to take the responsibility of a new child therefore, they decide to go through the abortion process. These decisions are highly personal in nature and Trump has no right to pass judgments or rule over the women body by passing abortion statements.

These statements passed by the Donald Trump are highly disturbing in nature and they can impact the lives of women specially the poor women, who are not capable of affording or bear a child. After these statements, the poor women won’t be able to decide for their own self and even they won’t be able to live their lives freely because they will be strictly bonded by the law.

According to many people, Trump has extreme policies and because of his extremist decisions, it is expected that majority of women in America would avoid getting pregnant because of the fear of non-abortion laws passed by the Trump. If the conditions prevail, then, it is expected that the condition of America would get worse because people would not be able to make decision about their personal life hence, it would result in difficulty for both women and state.

There is certainly no denying the statement that women have got all the rights and they should be given the freedom of practicing their wills without getting worried about the extreme laws and even statements passed by the ruling authority.

In my personal opinion, the birth control laws should be imposed however: they should revolve around the well being of a mother and the will of parents. If parents are not ready to take the responsibility of a child then, they should not be forced to do so and they should not be burdened by the law.

Situations like Trump abortion laws can surely create a lot of problems for couple and it can increase the rate of divorce because of unwillingness and lack of authority over one another. Couples even women would be forced to live their life under the law, which is indeed very disturbing for each and every person of the country.

We are not at all in the favor of the extreme laws passed by the Donald Trump and we proudly stand against the Trump abortion statements, which are no doubt unacceptable in nature.

Do you have any thoughts or suggestion? Let us know by leaving your thoughts and comments below in the comment section because we value you.



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