Russia and its never ending strategies for the sake of gaining their unethical interests is seriously getting on the nerves of people because brand new strategies of Russia President are entire linked with the general public and there is certainly no denying the fact that these strategies are capable of hurting the powers, authority and people of one big country, which was previously known for its amazing conditions, strong economy and respect for every human being.

Not only the general public is influenced by the cyber War started by Russia however, there are number of government institutions, which were hacked by the Russian government. If we name these institutions then, the most prominent ones are Republication National Committee, accounts of Republican officials and the websites created by academic and university heads for the sake of research programs. If you are thinking that why Russian hackers are interested in the research programs then, let me inform you that people who do research and publish their papers are said to be one of the most educated ones and they own extensive knowledge about the working of each and every country’s element. By overtaking the accounts of such people, Russia would be able to get access to that information, which is not available to everyone.

It won’t be wrong to claim that Russia is trying to play safe however, it also be won’t be wrong to say that Russia can’t hide its evil planning from people because now all government agencies of America are trying to find maximum information about the tricks adopted by Russia for running the elections and for giving the rise to the cyber war.

Now it seems like that democracy of the country is in wrong hands because Trump with the amazing collaboration of Russian president Putin is all set to ruin the entire established state of the country.

For today, readers would be able to get information about how Russia is planning to use cyber war in order to achieve their goals, which are not acceptable by those people who are interested in maintaining the ties of democracy and saving their country from political people like Putin and definitely Donald Trump.

First of all, I would like to throw light on the influence of Russia during US Election and what was the prime reason behind it. Well, it is quite shocking to see that Russian president was highly involved in the US election 2016 because of the fact that he always wanted to take revenge from Henry Clinton. According to several reports, the first reason was the revenge however, several other people stated that Russian president helped Donald Trump because he wanted to achieve some hidden goals that is why the entire government of Russia was involved in the regulation and rechecking of the US election and started cyber war just to ruin the position of Henry Clinton. The government of Russia tried to find some personal information about Henry by hijacking the computers and software’s of her people.

The purpose of the cyber war was to embarrass the personality of the Henry Clinton and underestimate the entire efforts done by this one person for the sake of the progress of country. According to other reports published by several reporters indicates that, American government and CIA agents are planning to give a comeback to the Russian president by exposing all those things, which he did just for the sake of getting recognition from the people.

Barak Obama before the end of his tenure tried to alert the Russian president by saying that country is indeed capable of fighting the cyber war started by Russia with the help of actual war, which is indeed capable of causing adverse problems for the country.

Russian president used cyber hacking as a tool to influence the US election 2016 because he always knew that the only way through which he can draw maximum information about the Ms. Clinton is through the software and devices operated by the government institutions. He also knew the fact that the database about both the leaders can only be extracted from those systems, which are highly private in nature and he did his best to exploit those system’s with the help of his hacking techniques.

There is certainly no doubt in the fact that he became successful in gaining his interest because he succeed in getting information about Henry and used it against her on several public forums. It won’t be wrong to say that people, who are capable of voting the leaders, are usually unsure about the upcoming conditions of the country therefore, they try their best to opt for those people who seem right and are thought of transforming the conditions of the country in the most amazing manner. Donald Trump and Russian president tried their best to manipulate the same ideas of the people and extracted the personal information about Henry so that they could inform voters about their greatness and several weaknesses of Henry Clinton.


If we through light on the hacking history of Russia then, it won’t be wrong to say that Russian government is indeed pro at it and they are no doubt capable of using those system’s which can help in extracting the information in the most effective manner. Russia used its same power for the sake of gaining its interest and this in not the first time they did it. Russia is no doubt following its culture and policies of cold war and there is certainly no doubt in the fact that cold war is one of the most important reasons behind the support of Donald Trump and disrespect of Henry Clinton.


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