Palestine is said to be one of the most historic places because of its deep association with the Islamic history. It won’t be wrong to say that Palestine is indeed loaded with those places, which can become the center of attraction for all those people who are deeply interested in exploring some interesting places.

For today our topic of discussion are those places of Palestine which are made with sheer perfection and owns the potential of catching the eyes of visitors because of their uniqueness, amazing looks, compelling structural design and many other interesting features, which are no doubt incredible enough.

It won’t be wrong to state that because of political chaos in the country and instability visitors have this perception that Palestine is one of the dangerous countries of the world however, there is surely no denying the fact that Palestine is very famous because of its cultural, religious and historical remembrance, which is said to be eye opening moment for the entire world.

Before talking about some major places I would like to highlight the fact that some people prefer to visit Palestine because of its huge association with the history of Islam and how certain big personalities of Islam, fought for their life in this holy city just for the sake of keeping the flag of Palestine high.

According to several tourist reports, hiking and biking is also considered as one of the favorite activities of all the tourists and the food of Palestine is also said to be the most amazing one because of unique and interesting mixture of traditional and European food. For a second, if we try to ignore all the negativities happening in Palestine then, it would be easy for all of us to consider Palestine as an amazing vacation destination because of its richness in information and deep reminder with the history.

When people visit Palestine they are usually worried about the accommodations and guides however, there is certainly no doubt in the fact that Palestine is known for its rest rooms, small hotels and staying areas for all those people who are visiting this place for the very first time. On the first visit, people would also be able to find the information about the tourist guide and they are given the leverage of choosing their guide according to their own demands and pocket needs. You can relax and visit this place without any tension.

If we throw light on some of the major travel places of Palestine then, on the top of the list we have got the following important places.

  • Golden Dome:

There is certainly no denying the statement Haram as Sharif, Jerusalem is one of the most beautifully designed places Palestine and this place is famous because of its unique golden tiles, which are spreader through out the tomb. As Haram as Sharif is known as a holy place for Muslims therefore, all those non-Muslims are interested in exploring this beautiful place are advised to pack their bags early in the morning and prepare for an amazing adventure because this place is surely worth it. If we talk about some of the important aspects of this place then, golden and blue tomb of this place is one of the most favorite places. This place is also called as Temple Mount and the Masjid-e-Aqsa is also popular among the visitors because of its beauty and its association with the heroic acts carried out by Islam Heroes. If you are planning to visit Palestine then, you can’t miss to go to this place because it is indeed worth it. You would also be able to witness the working of drinking mountain, which is there from the time of holiest prophets of the Islam. The structure of this building is also different from the rest of the building of West bank because of its amazing characteristics.

  • Hammam Ash-Shifa

Hammam ash-shifa is the second holiest place of Islam and also called as one of the relaxation place by many visitors. The environment of this place has some something unique in it because when ever the person enters this place they start getting happy and comforting vibes. If you decide to stay at Hammam ash-shifa then, you would be able to get excited by the compelling and the most unique mixture of hot steams coming from the one direction and cold water flowing under your feet and what could be better than getting served with amazing soup at the end of long yet exciting trip. If you are planning to take guidance from any trip organizers then, you can also get allured by Turkish bath services, amazingly made tea and much more in the lowest possible cost. It is certainly hard to underestimate the worth of this place and its importance in the history of Islam.

  • Hebron’s Souk

Next up is Hebron’s Souk, If you are fond embroidered materials then, this small shop is definitely opened from you because this shop is loaded with beautiful materials, which are capable of speaking up for their own self. Everything available at this small corner shop is made with the sheer perfection and care and it won’t be wrong to state that this place is compelling enough to catch the eyes of the visitors in the most effective manner. This shop is also famous because this is a surviving shop and managed to continue its business even after getting exposed to some of the adverse situations. This business is owned by some amazing people and these people surely holds the vision of providing amazing services and materials to its visitors in the most amazing prices.

Have you ever visited this place before? If yes, then make us aware of your experience by sharing your thoughts in the comment section.



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