China can easily be called as one of the best vacation destinations because of its wonderful scenic sites, incredible variety of historic locations and its association with the several religious events. China is no doubt famous amongst the visitors because of its natural beauty and people are interested in exploring all those places, which can help them in understanding the reason behind the establishment of the tourist places and how they served in the past.

Today, the purpose of this article is to shed light on the amazing places of China, which should be visited by people. We also aim to talk about the significance of the places and what is the best time of visiting them.

If we list down some of the famous places then, we have got following places as one of the best tourist destination in China.

  • The Great, Great Wall of China:

How can we forget about this one amazing place and its importance in the history of China. There is certainly no denying the statement that the Great Wall of China is a center of attraction for millions of people who come from distant parts of the world just to visit this one amazing place. Great Wall of China is known because of its longest walk, which covers around 5000 km area. The Great Wall of China is also prominent because of its incredible yet historic architecture, which is said to be defensive in nature. If we talk about the location of Great Wall of China then, it is situated at the steep mountain however, because of the defensive nature of the wall; it is relatively easy for people to walk without any problem. It won’t be wrong to state that people, who manage to cover the distance of the entire Wall of China, consider themselves as luckiest because it requires a lot of efforts.

This wall is also known for its preserved history, which can easily be seen with the help of its inspiring and integrated structure, which is undeniably managed and controlled in the most effective manner. Great Wall of China is a must visit place.

  • Li- River:

What could be better than witnessing the wonders of the nature and without any doubt Li-River in Guilin is one of the most beautiful places and its famous because of its watery wonders, which is no doubt beyond perfection. If we talk about the detailed description of the Li-River then, it is 83 kilometers long and further connects with Landscape River, which is beautified with natural long standing mountains.

Many photographers and painters are highly inspired with the beauty of this river and they try their best to praise the eye warming beauty of this place with the help of their photographs and paintings. If you are planning to do boating and travel through rivers then, this place is definitely an ideal place for you because you would be able to witness some amazing and unbelievable wonders. Li-River is also listed in the top ten world’s watery wonders.

  • Paradise on Earth:

If you are interested in seeing the earth’s paradise then, you are highly recommended to visit West Lake in Hangzhou, which is one of the most amazing and most beautiful lakes in the world. It won’t be wrong to stay that it is certainly hard to describe the beauty of this place in words because it is loaded and embedded with the sheer perfection. West lake has landscape style and beautiful gardens are made for the recreational purposes.

  • Yellow Mountains:

If you are fond of hiking then, Yellow Mountains located at the top of National Park in Huangshan. Yellow Mountains are located at the east of the China and it is more famous because it is more accessible by people and they can easily reach to this place without any problem. The one of the most amazing things about these mountains is that they are multi-colored and they become the center of attraction of all of those people who are interested in witnessing different shades of a natural beauty at one place. If we talk about other two National Parks in China then, they are not very easily accessible, it takes more time to reach there and they are also among the busy places of China. If you are planning to see some amazing yet compelling scene then, you surely can’t miss to visit this amazing creation of the nature because it is worth and can surely attract your attention within no time.

It won’t be wrong to state that China is loaded with those scenic locations, which are no doubt compelling for the eyes of people and can win the hearts.

It is recommended to visit these places during the day hours so that you can witness the real beauty of these places. If you are having any problems in finding the places and reaching at the right time then, you are recommended to hire a tourist guide so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest without any problems.

  • Symbol of Tibet:

If you are interested in exploring the history, materials and articles of Tibetan history then, you should visit The Potala Palace, which is located at the Lhasa. This amazing place is famous because of its deep association with the Tibetan culture, religion and heritage. If we talk about the interior and structure of the symbol of Tibet then, it is loaded with the jewelry, which is the main center of attraction for all those people who are interested in the treasurable statues, religious jewelry, murals, sculptures and antique places.

This place can be called as a true inspiration for all those people who tend to find information about the history of Buddhist, the way they lived their life and what kind of jewelry was used by the people of that time.


Above-stated are the places, which should be visited by people because they are indeed beautiful and incredible enough to attract our attention.


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