Russian holiday sounds more realistic or better way to say to artistic especially when you are planning to take some time off from your busy life to some good relaxing place for holidays, Russian destinations do blinks a mind of many visitors who are actually enthusiast to explore world and its other beautiful sides. From Moscow, capital city to various cities Kazan Russia has its own history where the fragrance of multiple culture is shadowed. Talking about the snowy nights to the full pack of vodka nights with the crazy transit of train to other sites are something makes Russian boundaries more beautiful and exciting for visitors.

By the experiences and frequent visit by the Europeans to Asian visitors, the views about the Russian places as a holiday venue are very much fascinating enough for the rest to visualize their best time to be spend in Russian territory.

Spending holidays is Russia is in fact a dream for most of us, not because of its immense history more prior the effects and reestablishment of the various cities after a war with American forces , the things which attracts a foreigners or visitors is the hospitality from the Russians and their colorful and eye catching destinations to spend holidays.

If you are planning to spend your holidays in Russia then you should not miss to visit these six phenomenal places:

Hermitage Museum:

Hermitage museum located in the Saint Petersburg’s knowingly to be the capital city of Russia for the almost two centuries. This museum is the first noteworthy place to be caught by the eyes of visitors. They entered to this museum by the Jordan way stairs and finds everything there which amuses their eyes. Its antiquities depicting the gesture of the living style of the head of the state back to 1700”s. the museum also depicts the environment of the country spirit and freshness at the time they play over the Napoleons.

The visitors loves the interior work of the museum which is mostly gold plated with the velvet red shine carpet to lots of sparkling mirrors surfacing your head from the top. The museums designing is a pure creative work by the magistrate’s court architectures. Visiting hermitage museum can be very pleasing and knowledgeable as its different spaces covering the romans emperors’ dining room to the red chair where they used to sit command other as well as the paintings of these emperors are also hanged on the walls of the museum.

Mosque of Kul Sharif

Kul Sharif mosque also pronounce as Qolsharif” existing in the locality of Kazan a famous and beautiful city of Russia which has different sites for the visitors to be entertained off. Mosque Kul Sharif is considered to be the most beautiful mosque of Muslims among the whole world .this mosque was once destroyed by the cyclone but by the reconstruction concerning with the architects of the world knows companies came to rebuild this mosque again.

Russian holidays can be more thought-provoking for the visitors if they visit this mosque and read its history. Its legal color of aqua blue considers to be the peaceful element for many of the visitors.

Kaban Lake

Russian destinations are normally considered to be snowy and winter filled but the lake of ‘KABAN LAKE is the distinctive locality on the ground of Kazan. Its’ beautiful and internally connected with the different lakes like Sredny lake with outlays on the river of BOLAQ.

This lake freshens the mind of visitors with the aqua clear in front of eyes is something which Is very attracting to the people especially to those who does not live near to the lake areas.

Ostankino Tower

Ostankino TV tower is the most fascinated place to be visit in Russia, because of its unique build and the pencil top surface which has the direct position up wards. It is considered to be 3rd tallest tower of the world and grabs most of the eyes of people living in Moscow. It is the highest height of towers which interconnects the most of the radio and wireless satellites together and displays to the public at home. BBC covers a have part of this tall tower.

The view from the surface deck gives a view of 2 dining room where the famous restaurant serves the yummiest cuisine of European areas to the people.

Winter Palace

This Russian most famous palace does not only acquire the full length of the ground of the Saints Petersburg’s but has the most historic economic, political and cultural values which grabs the most of the attention of the visitors.

Luxury hotels and restaurants attached with winter palace like Dutch made buildings mainly, dining Jerome, the Italian specialist Alberton serves the best cuisine out of the world. Besides the coolest dinning there clubs and one room and family room compatible hotels are also available like ART hotel, Nevsky, Spot of Cult famous night bar and club and many other places.


Artplay is one of the most interesting place for youngsters as well as for the visitors, its designing is not only the reason of its attraction its offering to the people is very attractive because it organizes different exhibition, plays, theatres and concerts with the sprinkling supply of different soft and vodka drinks which lessens the coldness of the body and people enjoys to their full.

The visitors who comes from different countries gets a chance to see the different festivals where the lights of different cultural colors of Russia portrays to the visitors.


It is certainly the best decision to spend your quality days on the “Russian holiday “destinations where its cultural plus traditional harmonious ambiance will undoubtedly serves you with the over fulfilment feeling and the reason to provide you with the top listed places of the different city is to make your trip charmed and memorable which will be saved on your camera shot for a whole life.


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