There is certainly no negating the fact that Israel territories are occupied by those people who belong from the Israel and they owns the vision of ruining the lives of Palestine people by ruling over their them in the most adverse manner. The conflict of Palestine is one of the biggest conflicts of these days because now it has turned into a different direction.

Now Israel people are more interested in taking the lives of people by killing them for no specific reasons. If we talk about the origin of Israel occupied territories then, it was first introduced in the meeting of the United Nations and Israel proudly declared that it is ready to takeover these places because they owns the potential of showing their authority and controlling their power in the most effective manner.

The purpose of this announcement was to maintain the peace in the Middle East and control the unwanted activities, which were previously causing problems for the people. The matter of Palestine is still in the hands of the wrong people because Israel people are not ready to stop their attacks.

Today, the purpose of this article is to talk about how Palestine people started to live in the territories of the Israel and how they become successful in developing their life in comfortable manner. And it won’t be wrong to say that people who are living in the Palestine are suffering with adverse situations, which are indeed very disappointing in nature.

During the first duration of the United Nations meeting, Israel exclaimed that it wanted to draw the lines for the peacekeeping however, if we examine the today’s condition then, there is no denying the statement that now the same so-called peacekeeping people are taking the lives of people without any justification.

Several peace making organizations such as United Nations, and several other organizations are trying their best to establish the peace between these countries however, they adversely failed to stay loyal to their statements because they were more interested in killing the people and taking their precious lives.

It won’t be wrong to say that Israel people are one of those peoples who have taken over the territories of Palestine and proudly claimed that they were the real owners of the land and they have the authority of owning the land. It is very important to understand that Israel’s never understand the fact that they are killing the rights of other just for the sake of their own happiness and so-called peace.

If we talk about those parts of the Palestine, which are largely occupied by the Israel is the West Bank, which includes the larger area of the Gaza strips and the East Jerusalem. These areas or states of the Palestine are said to be one of the most important parts because of their geographical aspects. These places were previously used to be the favorite place for the tourists and they used to visit them as their travel destination during peace times.

There is certainly no negating the fact that Israel people are only showing off their power to the world and every action of the Israel people is being supported by the higher authority of Palestine because they are more interested in serving their own interests rather than saving the lives of innocent people who are sacrificing their lives, property and family just for no particular reason.

According to several researchers, the prime minister of the Palestine is highly involved in the activities of Israel because Israel leaders have convinced him that they would be able to fulfill their demands, which can not be satisfied with the help of their own resources. If we name those cities and countries, which are highly affected by the decision and activities of Israel people then, on the top of the list is Lebanon because they are the ones, who are also struggling with the Palestine people.

Because of the same issues, the trade and economic conditions of the country are in danger because other countries are not ready to communicate and even help the country in getting done with these adverse conditions, which are no doubt getting worse with the period of time.

The main reason behind the take over of the Israel is that they are not ready to accept the fact that the state of Palestine also belongs to those people who are living in these states. They are also not ready to accept that they should be able to maintain long term relationship with those people who are living in these states.

The one of the biggest problems associated with Israel territories is that they are not ready to extend their boarders and for the very same reason they are banning the entry of the people, who are interested in visiting the other part of their country.

If you are against the conditions of the Palestine and if you are interested in improving the conditions then, you are requested to raise your voices with us because every voice matters. The people of Palestine are surviving under the adverse conditions and they are fighting for their lives and for the lives of their family.

Jewish leaders have decided not to stopover because their actions as they are supported by some giant leaders like Prime minister of Palestine. It is undeniably more depressing to declare that Jewish people are not only taking the lives of people however, they are also adversely affecting the holy places of Islam like mosques and other major places.


Laws enforcement authorities from all around the world are putting enormous effort just for the advancement of the country and they are also planning to ask for the help from those people who are keen to help people who are deadly suffering and sacrificing their lives just because of the fact that prime minister of the country is satisfied with what’s happening in the country. 


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