In any country, there are usually there levels in the law enforcement agencies: the local, provincial, and federal. The purpose of the local law enforcement agencies include sheriff and police departments whose responsibilities are divided into areas. The provincial or the state law enforcement agencies are the highway or state patrol. Lastly, the federal agencies may include the Intelligence Services, FBI, or the army. The common purpose of all these agencies is to maintain peace and harmony in the country by ensuring that the rules and regulations are followed in the country. However, the levels of their work and their responsibilities may vary according to the category they belong to.


In Pakistan, the biggest law enforcement agency is the Pakistan Armed Forces and said to be the 6th largest in the world in the terms of military personnel. The Pakistan Armed Forces has three branches: Pakistan Air Force (PAF), Pakistan Navy, and Pakistan Army. The Pakistan Army, one of the branches of the Pakistan Armed Forces, serves the country on land as its services are land based. It has almost 950, 000 active personnel, according to International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS). Also, the members of the Pakistan Army involve women as the commissioned officer and now they have started recruiting the female pilots and sailors since 2012.

The Pakistan Army is considered as one of the best armies in the world due to the services they provide and way they are helping their country. It is also because it has one of the best equipment and weapons in the world and the personnel are better than any of the other country. Moreover, the Pakistan Army is also one of the members of United Nations peace – keeping mission and not only a member, it is a very active participant too.

Although the military forces of any country are the major sources of protection for it, their strengths may vary from country to country. According to the report by Credit Suisse regarding globalization, the Pakistan Army has been ranked as the top 11 military in the world due to its immense strength. Also, it is written in the report that this military force has more advanced and much better weapons and equipment than the military forces of Canada, Australia, and Germany. These weaponry include aircrafts, tanks, submarines, helicopters, and other similar hi – tech weapons that are used to serve the country at the time of war, both internal and external.

The Pakistan Army has a budget of $ 7. 6 billion in the country that has a population of about 195, 089, 968. With these figures, it can be understood that the Pakistan Army has not been provided with enough facilities and resources that are required to defend the country in a proper way. Despite the fact that this military force is one of the forces in the world that has been paid the least and it is not given the required budget, it has served the country better than any other military force.

Moreover, most of the countries in the world, especially the developed ones, have to face a small number of issues. However, the underdeveloped countries have to deal with a lot of issues. Similarly, Pakistan Army does not only have to safeguard the country from the external forces but it also has to deal with the internal issues. These internal issues include terrorism, extremism, ethnic conflicts, political unrest, and a number of other disputes. With such low reserves, the Pakistan Army is doing perfectly well. to support this, we can take the example of one of the joint military missions in which the Pakistan Army played the leading role; Zarb – e – Azab. This joint military offensive was conducted against different militant groups including East Turkestan Islamic Movement, Jundallah, Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, Haqqani network, and al-Qaeda.

Pakistan Army does not only fight against the people who plan ill activities to defame and destroy the country; it also helps the people personally. In case of any natural disaster, the Pakistan army does not wait for a moment to reach there and help out the people. Also, the officers and the personnel stay there for days and help them personally. Moreover, the biggest city of Pakistan, Karachi, was living a life that must be called anything more than miserable since last 30 years. Later, the Pakistan Army took over the city, under the Chief of Army Staff Gen. Raheel Shareef, and cleaned most of the city.

If we look at the bigger picture, the Pakistan Army does have some weaknesses due to which it failed to be the best. One of the biggest failures of the Pakistan Army can be seen within the country in Balochistan. This province of Pakistan is living a life totally different and separate from the other provinces of the country. It is because there are some other agencies that have taken over the province and the Pakistan Army is still unable to throw them out. Secondly, Kashmir, the disputed territory, is said to be the part of Pakistan but it is under the control of Indian. Similar to the case of Balochistan, the Pakistan Army has failed to have their territory back.


While considering the weaknesses of the Pakistan Army, we must not forget the fact that this military force does not have the resources it requires. Furthermore, with the lack of resources, even the best military force of the world will not be able to function properly. Also, we must not forget that the Pakistan Army is serving the country that is facing pressure from every single angle. The worst part is that the closest neighbor of Pakistan, India, is its biggest enemy and does not leave a single opportunity to make the life miserable for the Pakistani citizens and for Pakistan army as well. therefore, it can be said that the Pakistan army is doing amazingly well despite all of the issue it is facing.


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