The law enforcement agencies are present in every state and their main purpose is to maintain peace and harmony in the society by eliminating crimes from there. Among a number of different law enforcement agencies from the police department, America has the AMERIPOL that is known as the Police Community of the Americas. This organization runs a hemispheric, coordinated, and integrated cooperation mechanism. It was established in 2007 and the purpose of this organization is to augment and promote the cooperation in the police sector of America, in the terms of training and facts regarding the technical – scientific aspect of the life. Also, the aims of AMERIPOL are to make the exchange of information effective for the use in intelligence and communicate the investigation related to crimes and judicial assistance to the other institutions in the America or the other Police Organisms.

Similar to all the other law enforcement agencies, the main objective of AMERIPOL is to minimize the chances of crimes and spread harmony in the society. So far, this organization is working with other police agencies of 19 member countries, 10 observant organisms, and a number of other law enforcement agencies in order to fight against the international crime. The vision statement of the organization states that the strategies have to be deployed against the transnational crimes and the organized crimes in the state of America. It is also written that AMERIPOL is supported by most of the homogeneous institutions in order to eliminate crime with the coordination.

Good Aspects

The AMERIPOL is considered as one of the best law enforcement agencies in America from the police sector. It is because the organization is playing a good role in decreasing the crime rate. Some years ago, AMERIPOL announced a new law for all the law enforcement institutes saying that all the cyber – crime threats will be addresses and evaluated properly. It shows that this institute is not only concerned about the crimes that take place in the real or the physical world but also in the digital or the virtual world. Moreover, it is extremely essential to keep control on such activities as well because they can bring harm to many industries as well as people on the individual basis. The Police Community of the Americas, AMERIPOL, also released a document in which it was written that the regional offices will be liable to collect the data related to the cyber – crime and then report to the law enforcement bodies in the Americas in order to provide support and to continue with the case. Also, the announcement referred to international cooperation with other police organizations, the technical assistance, the creation of benchmarks, and the law enforcement training so that better results can be achieved in the future.

AMERIPOL has always been at the front when it comes to control the crimes in America. The Police Community of the Americas tries their best to strengthen their efforts to fight against corruption and human trafficking as well. Moreover, the organization has also created a pilot information exchange program. Other than these, there are a number or reasons that make the Police Community of the Americas the most effective police organization in the US. Some of the other reasons include the treatment by the officers to the people is same for everyone, regardless of the color, race, or any factor that may be used by other organization to do the discrimination among the people. As a result of this, the conflicts that arise, when the discrimination is done in the practices, actions, and policies, are prevented. In other words, the Police Community of the Americas, AMERIPOL, takes preventive measures that help in restoring peace in the state.

Bad Aspects

It has always been a challenge to keep the positive image of the police force since the 19th century. Nowadays, it has become more difficult to maintain the positive image of the law enforcement agencies especially the police force. It is because the power of social media is enough to unleash any mishap or any bad aspect of the police. Moreover, the people are always in search of the cases that can be piled up against the police so that they can be defamed.

In such a scenario, even a small incident is registered as a very important one. Furthermore, the things have been complicated for the AMERIPOL because they do have some flaws, just like any other organization. The charges have been made on the drivers who exceed the given speed limit. In case of the police, the people do not expect them to do over speeding; however, when a police officer does so, he had to go through a difficult process in order to maintain his credibility in his department and in the eyes of the people as well. Similar to this case is the case of using mobile phone while driving. The police do not like the people who talk on the phone while they are driving but they sometimes fail to practice what they preach. In other words, there have been registered cases in which the police officer was caught using the phone while he was driving.


Similar to the above 2 cases, wearing seat belt is also one of the laws in almost all the countries of the world. In America, if someone is caught driving with the seat belt off, he may have to pay huge charges. However, the police sometimes forget to put the seat belt while driving the car and they have to pay more charges and bear more costs than the common man. In America, when it comes to the handicap people, they are very much resilient about the fact that the rights of handicapped must be given to them. Also, if someone parks the car on the placed reserved for the handicapped, they are being changed by the police. On the other hand, the police sometimes does park the car on such places and then have to pay the cost in terms of losing their credibility. 


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