There is certainly no doubt in the fact that 2016 US Elections were amongst the one of the hottest topics of the year and it grabbed the attention of millions of people because of the statements and policies passed by Donald Trump and his so-called Russian friend named as Putin.

According to several credible reports, Russian President was very actively involved in the US Elections and he tried his best to support the statements and policies passed by the Donald Trump. Vladimir Putin was highly against the policies of Ms. Clinton and invested a lot of efforts just for the sake of releasing no-so favorable news against Ms. Clinton.

Putin took help from his people and gave order to influence the US election in the favor of Donald Trump. It won’t be wrong to claim that Putin helped Donald Trump just to satisfy his own demands because he always knew if Ms. Clinton becomes the president of America then, it would certainly become hard for him to carry out his hidden plans, which are indeed disturbing in nature for the entire American nation and several other linked countries of the world.

Today, the readers of the article would be able to find maximum information about the plans of Vladimir Putin and why he eagerly supported Donald Trump.

According to several public reports, Russian president was directly involved in hurting the policies of the Henry Clinton and he actively participated in manipulating the thoughts and sentiments of the individuals and several groups by posting fake information of some famous third party websites like Wikileaks and others. The basic goal of Russian president was to underestimate the power and authority of Henry Clinton and there is certainly no doubt in the fact that Putin tried his very best to harmfully impact the credibility of Henry Clinton by revealing personal information, which is not at all justifiable in any case or form.

It won’t be wrong to claim that Henry Clinton is one of those people, who knows about the tricks of politics and during the time of election she was aware with the fact that doing personal attacks and exposing private life of someone is highly unethical and should not be practiced just for the sake of wining the elections however, on the other hand Donald Trump with his Russian friend changed the entire scenario and tried their best to corrupt the ideas of people.

According to researched reports, Henry Clinton was the real winner of the US elections however, Russian diplomats were already so confident about Donald Trump and they stated in few speeches that they are interested in understanding and re-checking the entire electoral process. If we consider the realistic way of the picture then, during the debate period for US election 16, Henry Clinton became successful in winning the hearts of the people and it was extremely shocking for people to understand the fact that how person like Trump could win elections.

When Russian president spoke about his interest in the US election and how Trump has always been his first choice then, it became more clearly that the entire election process was manipulated by the Russian President with the help of his individuals.

Before elections the Russian representatives decided to take the help of social media forums like Twitter and start using hash-tags against Henry Clinton just to show the world that she is not the perfect lady for the president position and Donald Trump should be the first priority because of his so-called experience of running a successful business empire.

The servers of the Twitter were hijacked by some people and they were actively involved in posting unfavorable information about the Henry Clinton and her past activities just for the sake of hurting her established credibility and reputation. When Army of Henry Clinton tried to prove the fact that Russian diplomats are helping Donald Trump then, Trump tried to cover the matter by stating that whatever Ms. Clinton is talking about is just a joke and should not be considered as US election has got nothing to do with Russian diplomats and their powers.

It is clear that Russian President Putin was trying to take revenge from Henry Clinton by bringing disgrace to her personality because he was more interested in recalling previous events of 2011.

One of the most negative and totally unbearable activities of Russian president and Donald Trump was revealed by the US intelligence. A cybercrime report was posted and revealed by the US intelligence in which it was clearly mentioned that each and every activity of Henry’s sectary was being observed and the personal and business emails of the Henry Clinton were hijacked by the Russian server. It is quite interesting to see that diplomats of Russia were unaware of the fact that mocking people is quite easy however: it is certainly hard to underestimate the power of truth and its ability of exposing the true face of people.

We are surely not denying the fact that Trump has won the elections however, we are indeed very much sure about the fact that one day his real face will be exposed and people will kick him out of the country because he is one of the evilest person and he owns the potential of harmfully impacting the entire position of the state. United States America was known for its peaceful conditions during the period of Barak Obama and now after Donald Trump and his policies, it is hard for anyone of us to give predictions about our beloved country.

For us Henry Clinton is still the winner because she owns the ability and vision of transforming the entire situation of the country with the help of her respecting behavior, love for every human being and her amazing services, which are indeed hard to forget.



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