Some people will be very sensitive to caffeine, particularly coffee. I’ve always felt that I am one of them. It has however not prevented me wash down four to five cups daily, with fast start at seven while I apply makeup me in the bathroom. I really love coffee, so I feared that the potential health benefits I would get, would be weighed up with similarly bad mood.

Day one without coffee is necessarily the day after New Year’s Eve. Not that the evening was particularly wild, but to replace a large cup of black coffee with the  beans from a tea plant,  “Four red fruits” (the only tea we have), it costs me a little more than I like to admit. It’s ok, but it’s not the best mood I sipped in me, this overly sweet tea. Remind myself to buy more varieties.

Day two I felt, however, that I got a headache in the afternoon. I miss not at least the delicious luxury feel of an Americano black Stockfleths-cup.

Week two and three slides a little better. And I must admit that it going surprisingly quickly before I did not feel a constant need for coffee, and it’s nice to not feel dependent on this cup at half past two. But the biggest down side is that my skin, which is generally very dry and lacks moisture, is still dehydrated.

Week four, the last week, I am looking forward like to drink a delicious cup of coffee again, it gets a bit harder again. Especially as my skin have not noticed a single difference. Had I at that time had porcelain skin, should I considered continuing. But without any change seems quite frankly a bit pointless. Regarding sleep, I have not registered a big difference.


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