Unless President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping reach agreement on trade, “one China policy” and the South China Sea, the relationship between the two countries will develop into a conflict, according to a report delivered to the Trump administration.

Former US Ambassador to China, Winston Lord, have contributed to the report delivered to the White houses. They state that relations between the US and China are on a “dangerous collision course.”

– Because of China’s policy and uncertainty surrounding Trump. This is the most uncertain situation since the demonstrations at Tiananmen Square, said Lord told to the Guardian.

Trump has, by contacting the Taiwan leader, challenged China on their core interests, “one China policy”.

In recent decades there has been an understanding between the US and China that the price of a military confrontation is too high. Washington has not usually challenged China on the innermost of their core interests, like the  “one China policy”.

Trump  have now helped to raise the level of tension between the two superpowers. This suggests that part of those who govern the United States actually considering a military confrontation. An officer in the Chinese military says to the “website of the People’s Liberation Army” that war between the US and China is a “practical reality”


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