The rules and regulations are present in every country but there has to have a regulatory body that makes sure that the citizens, civilian, and all the other people are abiding by all those laws. To fulfill this purpose, the government of the country comes up with the law enforcement agencies. As the name illustrates, the law enforcement agencies are the ones that are responsible for the enforcement of the laws that are already made by the court of law or the government of the country. Also, their purpose is to get hold of anyone who violates these laws and then give that person the appropriate punishment so that he does not repeat his mistake and that others take lesson from him.

Similar to all the other states, the United Kingdom also has a number of law enforcement agencies that maintain the peace and harmony in the society. One of the law enforcement agencies in the United Kingdom is the National Crime Agency or the NCA. The NCA was formed in the year 2013 and replaced the Serious Organized Crime Agency. Unlike most of the other organization, the NCA looks at the UK on the broader canvas and try to analyze all the unlawful activities that are taking place in the state and also how they can be disrupted. Also, the agency takes assistance from the other police and law enforcement agencies to ensure peace. In this way, it becomes easier to fight against the criminal activities when more than one agency is indulged in this task. The other agencies include the Regional Organized Crime Units (ROCUs), the individual police forces, and the Serious Fraud Office (SFO). The operations of the NCA, in Scotland, are similar to what its predecessor used to do; whereas, it is fully operational in Northern Ireland.


The National Crime Agency (NCA) is considered as the leading police agency in the UK. It is because the agency is not only concerned about a specific issue or crime; instead, it deals with smuggling of weapons, drug trafficking, human trafficking, economic crimes, cyber – crimes, and any other criminal activity across the international and the regional borders. Also, this non –ministerial government department has taken over the responsibilities of National Policing Improvement Agency. These duties include the confidential data base of unusual weapons, injuries, the National Missing Persons Bureau, and the expert research on potential serial killers.

Other than these duties, the NCA performs a number of other duties that make the organization the best one in the UK. The National Crime Agency is concerned about the child sexual exploitation in which they try to give justice to the children who have been through any type of sexual abuse. They do this by protecting the victims and by bringing the offenders to justice. Also, the NCA is against the modern slavery and human trafficking in which they do not allow the people have to have slaves as it used to happen in the past. The National Crime Agency is playing its role in controlling the illegal firearms because it is considered as the property threat according to the UK law enforcement.

One of the most common crimes these days is the cyber – crime. With the advent of the technology, the criminals are getting hold of it too and are using it in fulfilling their inappropriate tasks. Therefore, the NCA is working hard to prevent anyone from intervening the database of any company or to do anything similar. Also, the suspects of the cyber – crime get the same treatment as any other criminal. Moreover, money laundering is also one of the crimes that are increasing day by day in our society. This crime is responsible for undermining the stability and integrity of the financial institutions and financial markets of any economy. So, the NCA is also taking good care of the people involved in this crime.


In any industry, the companies have to face a number of internal as well as the external challenges. The same is the case with the law enforcement agencies because they also have to face a number of challenges in their daily operations. As far as the National Crime Agency of the United Kingdom is considered, it has been facing different challenges from the past few years. One of the biggest challenges is the issue of resources and funding the organization to cover its costs. Although the budget of the NCA is about half million pounds, it is not sufficient because of the scale of problem which is actually very large. With the increase in the population and access to the internet, the crime rate is also increasing.

Previously, there were some other organizations that were working instead of the NCA. These police organizations were not as effective and efficient as the National Crime Agency and this is the reason that they were taken over by it. However, the cost of their inefficiency has to be paid by the NCA. The NCA has some of the staff from the previous agencies and they tend to work in the way they were used to do in those agencies. Therefore, it is one of the challenges to train those people to work in the required way.

The next and the biggest challenge faced by the National Criminal Agency are the growing problems. With the each passing day, the number of crimes occurred is also increasing. Not only this, the way the crimes are done are also getting modified with the passage of every day. Also, about 50, 000 people in the UK download the images and videos that are considered inappropriate. This also results in the stimulation of the thoughts that make the person insane enough to destroy the peace of the society. This can be proved by the fact that there was a recorded increase of 27 % in the cases of Missing and Exploited Children.


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