After Norway has initiated a partnership with Germany to buy submarines, the Norwegian industry sell missiles to the Germans for up to 1,3 billion US$.

It is Kongsberg Gruppen which has developed missile “Naval Strike Missile” or NSM. Kongsberg Gruppen, together with a network of about 100 small and large suppliers throughout Norway will provide much for the new submarines. Among other submarine the combat system will be supplied by Norwegian industry, the company said in a statement.

Norway recognizes that Germany is skilled at making submarines, while Germany recognizes that Norway is a master at creating missiles and missile technology, according to the Norwegian Ministry of Defence. Germany is planning to acquire a significant number of missiles for its navy. This provides great opportunities for Norwegian industry, both for Kongsberg and for Norwegian subcontractors, says Defence Minister Ine Eriksen Soreide.

It is important to ensure technological advancement of the Norwegian Missile Technology, and we will in the years ahead, along with Germany, further develop the Norwegian NSM against future threats, she says.



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