To shop food is not “just cozy”. I’ve always liked it, haha … Before I left home I ran and raved to my mum and dad about how cozy it would be to go the grocery store every Monday and make it “weekly food hopping”. (WHO if it happened … hahahahaha) When you are tired after a long day, it’s freezing outside and the ground is smoother than the smoothest entices little flurry himself off to shop and carry heavy bags back. Fortunately, I live on the first floor and the value I seriously every day.

The clothes can not bear to be in the washing machine in one day after they have been washed without they “rotting” …. hehe. I was always told by my mom and dad that you should take your clothes off the machine at once (as they are wet and need to be hung up, of course), and it’s probably the most ideal indeed, but I live a busy life and sometimes I completely forget to retrieve clothes from the washing machine. I picked up some towels that have been in more than 24 hours and they were all fine,  Hehehehe!- Mom’s homemade rolls were excellent! Mama filled up the freezer every Sunday and smelled good around the house, Sunday afternoon was just amazing.

It is MUCH that is needed in a home. I thought I was done when the couch, the TV and dining table, cutlery and crockery was in place, but it’s soooo much little things that is needed. Kitchen Items (i was making pizza dough a few months ago and realized that I had not a single kitchen bowl, nor whisk – so I had to make the dough in a different bowl and whisk with a spoon, ha-ha-ha), printer , sheets (!!! ??), matches, PENN (When you move into an apartment is not a ballpoint pen the first thing you think of somehow ?? But then you stand there one day and are going to write down something and then you do not have ANYTHING to write with, except eyeliner in makeup folder), detergent, bucket … the list is long. And I stand constantly in a situation in the apartment where I’m missing something.

Floor gets insanely fast dirty. I feel I vacuum every day! And when I think about it, it that was probably what mom and dad did at home too …?  To make dinner takes a long time. All hail to my mom who made dinner for the family every single day, even after a long day at work. You are better than the best people, Mum!

Food actually goes out of date. Haha. Home mum always made sure to remove foods in the fridge which was expired / had rotted, but now it is I who must take care of the job. I HATE expired foods. It feels like a total waste, and that is the fact. Yesterday I had to throw a carton of milk that had rotted, and I felt genuinely that a small did not go away.

I want to move back home……



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