Israel killing children of Palestine is not a rare drama or a so called incident we are listening these days, it has a coldblooded background of the both states conflict residing from 1948 to the present. The conflict is not only the religion orders and enemies killing, the main reason behind the fight of these two states is over the land of Gaza which Israel claims to be its ancestors land while Palestinians believes it as this is their land. Even if you look at the past history of worlds’ worst or deadly wars so nothing worse or bitter would appear in front of your eyes than the war between Israel and Palestine and moreover the massive killings of innocent children by the merciless army of Israel who has not even spared the lives of acquitted children who are only being punished for carrying a Palestinian nationality and a blood of a Muslim parents.

On the one hand where this merciless country of millionaires has been rewarded by most of the economies supreme lots on the other side it has a worst reality

Have you ever think about the mental condition of these petite children? How offended and disappointed they would be feeling, their age of enjoying and playing has totally been spoiled or more exactly has become a psychiatric issue for them. Their motivation and stamina of studies and exploring the world has totally be sabotaged. But something which is shocking or a stance of wondering how can a human be so cruel to these little champs of this world. In fact children are considered as the holiest and supreme blessing by the God to his people but sadly Israel has totally forgotten this and just act stubborn to win and showcase its power over the Muslims of the world.

Israel killing of Palestinian children is not of one page story, if the right research or the true respondents will be approached then the 1000 pages of book will count less to be filled with the smell and smashing brutality of Israelis over the Palestinians children and a teenagers. To shed a light over the brutality of Israelis to Palestinian the following main incidents have been described below:


Muhammad khedir was an innocent sixteen year old children who was a resident of Palestine and like every school going children was studying in a college where this innocent boy could not win the battle of his life as he was being targeted with an extreme brutality of the extremist zone of Israel knowingly a 31 year old man with a sequel beard on his face name ”Yusuf Ben” who brutally murdered this young boy in the shallowing fire although he been convicted for the life time prison and has been executed by the Israelis army and government but does this spread unity around the globe or will the conflicts be solved between two countries.

Yusuf a convicted murderer has justified his cruel act of killing of innocent child as the reason of being provoked or convinced act due to the killing of three Israelis suspected Gaza to be involved in it. But it does not at all serves the meaning of justification among this social or religious chaotic system between these two countries. The world has been witnessing the bleak face of Israel since the day these two states have been originated.


From 2014 onwards majorly in 2015 recorded to be the vicious or most horrible days for the people of Palestine as millions of parents lost the sweetest voices of their little ones among the most educated women half of the population of the whole Gaza has become mentally ill and excessively panoramic to the voice of listened as Israel because it is in fact indistinguisble for these mothers to forget the most saddened deaths of their children and that is also when they were studying in the school.

In past several months started in 2015 to mid-2016 a highest record of massive killing of children was recorded by the UNICEF and has ordered the excessive range of forces to be take down on the streets of Gaza and Hamas as Israel is not ready to sit quiet and been so stubborn to take revenge from this poorly soul country of the world through the children. The children are not only being killed but have become mentally paralyzed for the whole of their life, their memory has captured the disgusted situation been created by its neighboring country ISRAEL and left nothing for them.


The research being conducted by the high profile research cell, where the results shows that more than 300 children has been brutally injured by the Israelis army attacks, major injuries includes gun shots, rocket shots, riffle bullets and some dangerous gases which made an terrible situation for the children to survive or to breathe freely. Israel is in fact riding a lead of devilish act where its extremist group is so much involved to take revenge from Palestine that they are not concerning even the little voices of these innocent children. Unicef has send a team of psychiatrist to the various hospitals of Gaza and Hamas to counsel the kids who have been erupted and disguised by the attacks and due to the curfew situation they are living without a proper medications and a healthy foods to be recovered soon.


While ending this article, the writers heart is felt with a deepest pain which has made difficult to sum up the summary of this article but the brutality of Israel over the Palestinian children is a way to disproportionate act against not a religion, society or anything but most importantly it’s a killing of humanity around the world, where most of us being settled on our places and relaxing and these blameless survivors are suffering with terrifying voice of explosions each day.


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