Edward Snowden

Russia considers to extradite Edward Snowden to the United States, to make President Donald Trump a favor, said US officials to NBC News.
Snowden himself commented on the information on Twitter, where he writes that this is the final proof that he has never collaborated with Russian intelligence. No country would ever trade a spy, as everyone else would worry about whether it was them next time, Snowden writes.

US intelligence, according to NBC News have analyzed a number of highly sensitive intelligence reports about Russia’s considerations. It says among other things that the Russian authorities are considering an extradition of Snowden as one of several options to flatter Trump, said the unnamed sources of the American news channel.

Intelligence data should be collected after Trump was inaugurated as president on January 20.

Snowdens lawyer, Ben wiznet, say they know of no plans that could allow Snowden will be distributed. Team Snowden has not received any such signals, and has no new reasons for concern, he said.

Snowden, who previously worked for the US intelligence agency NSA, has lived in exile in Russia since 2013 after he revealed the American mass surveillance of people’s online accounts and mobile phones. The US has demanded his extradition and Trump called him during the campaign a “spy” and “traitor” who deserves to be executed.

The Russians called the information on NBC for “nonsense”. A few days before the inauguration of Trump stated a spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry in Moscow that Snowden had been extended for residence permit in Russia with “a few years”.

Who can we trust….?



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