The first weeks of Trumps Presidency has been a shocking display of ignorance, self-indulgence, lies and scandals. But Trump has also proven to be a president that needs to be taken literally.

British politicians are angry and thousands of Brits signs petition to deny Donald Trump entry, after statements about “radicalized London.” This is not the only response to the President of the United States behavior thees latest weeks. Many people living in Europe, including leaders, don’t want anything to with the new president.

President orders he has hammered out a furious pace, is not necessarily in line with the law or ethics, but he follow-up what he promised in his campaign. There is therefore every reason to expect that US that is going to care very little about Europe’s welfare in the future. The President are only doing what’s best for him and not for his partners.

Donald Trump victory has been a shock to America’s major partners around the world. But perhaps nowhere has the blow have been more painful than in Germany, a country that according to Angela Merkel has come to see itself as a bastion of openness and tolerance. Trump enrolled the German Chancellor names by offending his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton in the American campaign, and called her “America’s Merkel”. And he described her decision last year to open German border for hundreds of thousands of immigrants as “crazy”. So although Trump elections are seen as a rejection of the political establishment and liberal democratic values in general, it represents a very personal blow to Merkel, Europe’s most powerful leader.

After Trump was elected president, the anti-Americanism and contempt for the United States in the world community have been strengthen. Trump is not building the largest wall between USA and Mexico, but between USA and Europe. Very few leaders in Europe want’s to cooperate with Trump, and why should they? The new President are only doing what he wants and do not have any respect for other countries, leaders or the allies (soon to break the alliance?) of the United States

Trump are a business man and not a politician. It is not like good business acumen automatically creates good economic Politic, and it certainly cannot prosper without business partners that are willing to work with you.

If Trump are continuing in the same track – The United States of America will loose the good collaboration they have had with Europe for so many years – It will be a wall in between, and that’s good news for Russia and China.



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