1. There are over 2,700 different languages in the world.

2. The language that is considered most difficult to learn in the world is Basque. It has no resemblance to any other language in the world.

3. Somalia is the only country in Africa where the entire population speaks the same language.

4. It’s born 106 baby boys for every 100 female children.

5. The average bra size is 80D.

6. People who drink coffee take rarer suicide than those who do not.

7. The world’s largest toy distributor is McDonald’s.

8. The world’s best-selling book, the Bible, is also the world’s most stolen.

9. The animal that kills most people is the mosquito.

10. Man is the only animal next to monkeys on the planet who have sex face to face.

And also…..

11. Heavy muscle is the only muscle in the body that is not stuck to the body in both ends.

12. The blood in the body are averaging eight percent of your total body weight.

13. Over eighty percent of the brain is water

14. It is impossible to tickle yourself. A part of the brain telling another what to do and ignore the feeling.

15. You are colorblind when you are born

16. You’re reading this on average 25 percent more slowly than you would on paper

17. Humans have about as many hair roots as chimpanzees.

18. On average, a man will shave 20,000 times during one life

19. People with red hair have an average of 90,000 hairs, while someone with dark hair has 110,000.

20. During a female orgasm the body will produce very strong painkillers forces, so headaches are in fact a reason to have sex


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