A diplomatic declaration of war

Russia has sent a powerful warning to Norway. In a way it’s a notified accident.

The letter from the Russian Embassy shows that the relationship between Norway and Russia is the coldest since the Cold War. The letter is a description of a bad relationship that Russians believe is in their disfavor, and it contains threats that cooperation in key areas of Norway is in danger. A thinly veiled threat is for example the formulation:

“Our cooperation can not rest only on the areas that the Norwegian party ever mentions as fisheries issues, environmental protection, nuclear and radiation safety, search and rescue.”

Norway are not stupid and know that this is just an excuse from Putin. The North cooperation with Norway does not fit into Putin’s foreign policy world view. Today’s letter should be read as a threat to terminate it. He uses the letter as an excuse to do so.

Putin is a chicken and a coward for doing it this way. We have long known that he hides behind his desk while other does his dirty work, like killing his enemies. But sending this threat to the Norwegian government as an excuse for his hidden agenda is “all time low”.

The Norwegian Foreign Ministry calls the criticism in the letter Friday for “familiar refrains” from Russia.

The Norwegian government should throw the letter in the garbage and terminate all collaboration with Russia.


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