winner are now presenting Charity Lottery where you can help people in need and at the same time win great prices.

Entering the lottery are easy. You first choose the lottery you want to participate in (from $1 to $10). Then you buy the quantity of lottery tickets you want and check out the same way you would do when you buy a product. Remember to enter correct address, so you receive the price if you win.

All members can vote for the charity of your choice. On the shop page, you can select one of the charities listed and vote for the one you want to receive the donation from the lottery. The most voted charities at the moment are:

If you want to suggest a charity you think have deserved a donation – please contact us and we will add it to the poll if accepted.


How do we choose a winner?

When you buy a ticket, you are awarded a number in our system. When we pick a winner – we choose a random number from the list of participants. Person choosing the winner, have not access to the name of the participants – only numbers. This way we do not know who’s the winner before we match the number to the name.

How many winners?

The firs launched lotteries have one winner for each lottery. There are different amounts of tickets for each lottery.


“Please help us to help – Try the lottery today”

Good Luck



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