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The latest movie is set in Wakanda, a secretive, isolationist African nation that is the most technologically advanced country in the world.

The fictitious state is supposed to be the only nation on the continent to have never been colonised and managed to advance beyond the world, thanks to keeping out of wars and being rich in resources like vibranium –the stronger metal in the world.

But where is it supposed to be?

While its location has varied in the comics, the Marvel Cinematic Universe appears to place it where Marvel Atlas No 2 does – namely in East Africa.

A shot of its location on a world map appeared as an Easter Egg eight years ago, in Iron Man 2, during a discussion between Tony Stark and Nick Fury concerning the Avengers Initiative. 

So if Wakanda were a real nation, it would be in north-western Kenya, bordering Lake Turkana, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Uganda.

However, technically the area – which includes the Illemi Triangle –  isn’t recognised as part of Kenya by everyone, with South Sudan also claiming it. Nevertheless Kenya has current control.

Also that land is mainly desert in real life, while Wakanda is portrayed as having lush vegetation, more akin to a Central Africa country like Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

The first saw Black Panther commit to sharing Wakandan resources around the world, while the second revealed Bucky had awoken from his cryogenic stasis.

Black Panther is out now and Avengers Infinity War will be released in UK cinemas on April 27, 2018.

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