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The official Fortnite Twitter account has confirmed that Joining Party issues are back tonight for PS4 fans.

“Uh oh. Some players may notice issues seeing their friends or making parties. 

“We’re aware of this and on the case. We’ll get you back together as soon as we can.”

Fortnite servers are being reported as down by many players as well, although it appears that most people are just affected by the Party issues at this point.

“There is that problem and when the first party fix went out the game devs set the consoles to default on squad mode and now our parties will see different game modes when we make a party and will constantly reset to squad after each round,” One fan responded.

There is currently no ETA on when Fortnite Party gameplay will be live again, although fans are hoping for an update soon.

The amount of player reports are going down, meaning that the problem may be resolving very soon.


Fortnite Battle Royale is proving very popular with fans on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

And this is what led in part to the game becoming unplayable over various days last week.

This included problems with the game’s new update, as well as a surge of new players knocking the servers offline.

Now Epic Games have confirmed that they will be making up for some of these problems with new in-game freebies.

“We told you we appreciate your patience with some of the issues we’ve had after releasing V.2.3.0, and we meant it,” a message from the Fortnite support team explains.

“In recognition of that patience, we are going to be providing some goodies to both StW and BR players.”

For Battle Royale players 20 Battle Stars will be added toward their Battle Pass progression, while Save the World player will also get 1600 Seasonal Gold you can use in the Event Store.

These new freebies haven’t gone live yet, as Epic have decided to release them sometime after Fortnite’s next update.

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