Poptheatr is a bucket you put on your head so you can watch movies

Are you afraid of human contact? Do you like movies? Do you like buckets? Sister, have I got a product for you.

Poptheatr is a bucket that you put over your head. You put your telecommunications device on top of the bucket and then look up at movies, television, and pornography while you lie comfortably on your back. This keeps your hands free to manage your video playback using an included Bluetooth device.

“Poptheatr is your own private theater that provides you with a comfortable, personal viewing experience when watching on your mobile device. No longer will you face distractions and constant discomfort when you could be enjoying your movie or show to the fullest extent,” write the creators. It should be clear to all of us by now that the best way to enjoy video is flat on your back with a bucket over your head.

Early bird units cost $54 and will ship in July, just in time for your outdoor bucket head video watching sessions in a park or the courtyard of an abandoned school building. It will retail for $119.

Can’t wait that long? May I recommend cutting a smallish hole in the bottom of a Home Depot work bucket and putting it over your face? Or, if your head is smaller, buying a bucket of Quaker Oats and poking holes in the bottom for a pixelated version of the Poptheatr? Any way you wish to recreate the exciting experience of putting a bucket on your head to watch movies is fine by us and I welcome images of you recreating the Poptheatr experience at home sent to @johnbiggs on Twitter. Thank you.

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