New Fortnite Issues Fixed, Event Timeline Revised

fortnite issues

Following the deployment of Fortnite version 2.4.0, some players encountered a resolution issue that stretched the video for them. Epic acknowledged the problem, and has now announced that a new update will be deployed to fix it.

V2.4.1 is already out on PC and is scheduled to go live on PlayStation 4 at 4AM ET. Epic has said that the update also includes “a fix to increase the efficiency at which our back-end services handle stress.”

In addition to the above, the studio announced that due to internal concerns regarding update v.2.5.0’s stability, Fortnite‘s Valentine’s and Spring it On events have been delayed by a week. A revised timeline is as follows:

Patch 2.5.0 (~2/14)

  • Valentine’s Event
  • Special Valentine’s questline – A Love Story, told the Fortnite way.
    • Valentine’s-themed Heroes
    • Cupid Crossbow
    • New reactive quest type
  • Opt-In Difficulty increase for greater challenge and rewards

Patch 3.0.0 (~2/21)

  • Spring it on Event
    • Week 1 of the ‘Spring it On’ questline released!
    • New Event Store items!
  • Complete in-game music overhaul (Orchestra Edition)

Patch 3.1.0 (~2/28)

  • Stamina Part 1 – Player Movement
  • Quest Map Improvements
  • Spring it on Event
    • Week 2 of “Spring it On” questline released!
    • New Event Store items!
  • Inventory w/ Crafting in FE

Following a troubled week marred by downtimes, Epic offered Fortnite players some compensation in form of the following in-game goodies:

Battle Royale:

  • 20 Battle Stars toward your Battle Pass progression

Save the World:

  • 1600 Seasonal Gold you can use in the Event Store

For more on Fortnite, check out our previous coverage.

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