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Roblox is a free and easy to use gaming service that has been used by millions of players. Here are some of the more important features of the service
– All new games and applications are free of cost
– Create and Play with any kind of networked computer
– Customize your character with over 8 different options
– Play online with your friends, or set up friends lists to share games with your friends
– Use voice commands to chat with your friends, or even control your computer with your voice
– Grow your character by gaining experience and points
– Earn toys and clothing with points
– Play video games in the Roblox game engine
– View the world’s most popular digital games and animations
– Connect with friends and join groups of friends
– Use apps to communicate with friends
– Teach your kids to grow and develop a network of skills
– Play with every kind of skill, like art, programming, writing, and math
– Set up schools and clubs in your town
– Create clubhouses, playrooms, and playgrounds
– And a lot more!


+ ADDED: The servers have been rebooted, the robots are now in a new room, same old, same old. Any malicious behavior should be reported.

+ Server failures have been fixed.
+ General bug fixes.

+ Fixed a bug that caused login problems.
+ A lot of features have been improved.

+ Added some good features.

+ Fixed a bug that caused crash when opening menu and clothes.
+ Added some new features.
+ Added a bunch of more options for gameplay.

+ Initial release.


– Some new features have been added.

– Initial release.

What’s New

– There is a new room! Check it out! You can live in a new mode, but you can only live in this one.
– The Roblox servers have been restarted, you can now just login with your username and password without creating a new account.
– The “Connect via SOCK


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Question 1: What’s it going to cost me to enter?

Get a $10 Visa gift card — good for shopping online and in Men’s Journal stores — if you submit an essay by midnight on October 31, 2013, answering the question: Why do you care about the story of Men’s Journal?

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Email robert[at]mensjournal.com with the subject line “Halloween contest.” Although the contest starts on Halloween, you can enter at any time.

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