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Creating a system backup is a preventive measure that can save you the trouble of having to reinstall Windows and all the applications you need to carry out your daily tasks in case disaster strikes. Whether it is a virus that bypassed your security layers or a data corruption problem that affected the PC, it's never a bad idea to have a Windows image file that can be restored rather easily. One solution to generating such a system image is provided by AOMEI OneKey Recovery Free.
Create a Windows system image to restore later
With a tool such as AOMEI OneKey Recovery Free, you can create a factory recovery partition for your computer. Using the image file that this application creates, you can restore the system to a previously working state, with all your files and data safe.
As complicated as that might sound, it actually isn't due to the wizard-based approach of AOMEI OneKey Recovery Free. Its main window only comprises two options, one for creating a backup image file, and the other for performing system recovery.
AOMEI OneKey Recovery Free displays two backup options: to a special partition or to a location of your choice. However, the free edition only allows you to experiment with the first, as the latter is only available in the demo edition of AOMEI OneKey Recovery (and, obviously, in the purchased full edition).
Choose the compression level and encrypt your image file
By default, AOMEI OneKey Recovery Free uses a balanced compression, but you can also opt for no compression at all or maximum data compression. As expected, the amount of time it takes to create the backup depends on the chosen compression level. A system reboot might be required to finish the process.
Even with the recommended moderate compression, the image file usually takes a lot of storage space so make sure you place it on a partition that has plenty. For security reasons, the resulting image file can be password-protected.
System recovery is just as easy, as it only requires you to select the previously created backup. Additionally, you can enter the so-called recovery environment by pressing F11 or the 'A' key while the PC is starting.
Backup your Windows system with a few clicks
AOMEI OneKey Recovery Free is designed to help you build a system backup in a few simple steps, without requiring complicated settings. As such, it can be used by inexperienced users as well.
However, while the backup itself does not take too long, the storage space it occupies is quite significant. Even so, keeping a large system backup is better than no system backup.


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AOMEI OneKey Recovery Free

– Create a Windows system image to restore later
– Decompress, encrypt, delete, and compress files
– Export/Import settings from/to Windows image file
– Backups can be created on a system partition or even USB flash drive
– Backup and recover Windows image file to the hard drive
– Easily restore the system to a safe state on demand
– Restore Windows image files for enterprise environments
– Provides system image recovery for installing/reinstalling Windows
– Backups can be compressed, encrypted or both
– Support password recovery
– Backups are compatible with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2003/2000
– Windows XP image file supports network file system
– Free
– Simple to use
– Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 image file compatible
– Keeps the original system settings
– Various data formats supported
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Returning an std::ostream (and/or std::string) from a function in C++

I have a simple function, get_address, which takes in a string and returns a formatted address string.
EDIT: this has been changed since the function is supposed to take in the file name, rather than the address string (the original version omitted this information).
This function is basically a wrapper around an external library, where the external library uses the standard C++ output functions (iostream).
std::string get_address(std::string address)
std::string str;
std::string::size_type current = 0;
std::string::size_type pos = 0;

while((current = address.find(“:”))!= std::string::npos)
str.append(address, current, to);

AOMEI OneKey Recovery Free Crack Product Key Free

AOMEI OneKey Recovery Free Crack is a tool that allows you to back up your files and system to removable media or to external hard disk. It uses the AOMEI Backup Software, as well as the AOMEI Photo Recovery Software to do so. It runs on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, and the latest service packs.
It uses simple-to-operate wizards that guide you through a simple backup and recovery process. AOMEI OneKey Recovery Free Crack has many options that allow you to customize a backup. You have the ability to select the data types, the number of backups to be done, how to schedule them, and the creation locations of the backups. It can be used to backup data from your Windows PC to a removable drive such as a flash drive or an optical drive, or you can configure it to let you backup data to your external hard drive. It also has options to include system settings and configuration, personal data, and program preferences. You also have the ability to use a password to protect your backups. You can also restore the backups that you create.

Does anybody know how to create an image file for Win 8.1 of my PC without using any software? Or is there any way to create a batch file or something like that that will do this? Im trying to just have a folder that I can store all my backup files in. I already have a couple of folders that I store all my backups in, but I want to create an image file for each one.

Does anybody know how to create an image file for Win 8.1 of my PC without using any software? Or is there any way to create a batch file or something like that that will do this? Im trying to just have a folder that I can store all my backup files in. I already have a couple of folders that I store all my backups in, but I want to create an image file for each one.

Perhaps try the Windows 10 TP build. I believe that is a clean install which should be easy.Q:

CakePHP 2.x get data from model in model’s method

I have a method in a model.
The method needs to get data from another model to check it’s needed.
I thought it was as simple as:
public function validate_product($product) {


$product = $this

AOMEI OneKey Recovery Free Crack+ With Product Key

– Create a backup to free disk space.
– Partition to store the backup image file.
– Edit the backup image file.
– Recover system without reinstallation.Q:

Django migration automatically executed when updating an app

It’s been a while since I updated my project, and I updated Django version from 1.3 to 1.6. When I am updating my project, it’s giving me a message:

(env)user@admin:~$ python makemigrations
Migrations for django.contrib.auth are ignored because you have
disabled migrations for all apps in INSTALLED_APPS

Migrations are on this project? Also, I have no idea how can I solve this problem, should I change something on the or something else?
Thanks in advance.


If you are following basic Django tutorial, I guess you have set default applications in You can just check for’migrations’ and stop the migration to make the command workable.
from django.apps import AppConfig

class DummyConfig(AppConfig):
name =’my_app’

def run_migrations(apps, schema_editor):


EDIT: If you are following some other tutorial, then the steps you have taken is wrong.’makemigrations’ only runs for the apps you specify in installed apps = [“name_app_here”]. If you don’t do this, the migrations for the app are ignored as you mentioned.


WPF UserControl and Content Control

Is there any benefit in using a UserControls instead of a Content Control? I am using a UIElement as the DataObject of my DataTemplate to encapsulate the other parts of a view so that I can have some ‘clickable’ XML markup within my XAML, however I was thinking about using a ContentControl instead, and I was wondering if there is any benefit in doing this?


In WPF it is perfectly fine to use a ContentControl and bind the DataContext to any type.



What’s New in the?

Allows you to automatically back up and store your Windows system data, including everything on your PC or laptop including Windows OS, applications and files.

The backup file you create can be safely restored in case of system failure or deletion.

How to install AOMEI OneKey Recovery Free?

– First download and install “AOMEI OneKey Recovery Free” from below links.

– Then extract and run the downloaded program file.

– The rest is easy and simple, All you have to do is follow on-screen instructions.

– You can also make sure that the correct AOMEI OneKey Recovery Free version is selected by checking the “Product Features” box and pressing “Check for Updates”.

NOTE: If this is your first time installing the AOMEI OneKey Recovery Free, please also check the “Settings” and “Upgrade” buttons are the same as the previous version and then press the Check for Updates button.

AOMEI OneKey Recovery Free will detect the currently installed product and will offer to update to the latest version. To keep the program up to date, click the “Upgrade” button.

The download will take a few minutes to complete. The software will be installed to the default installation directory, or the location of your choice. The installation process might require admin privilege, please run the program as an adminstrator.Q:

Remove Lines and Skip them when Reading data from the file

I have a csv file which has column name separated by comma and data separated by single space. Now i want to remove line which has null value. And further i want to skip this lines when read data from the file. Following are the first two lines from my data file.

System Requirements:

– PC & MAC
– An internet connection (
– 2 Console Editions – Xbox360 & Playstation3
Xbox360 Console Edition
– Xbox360 (with internet connection)
– Kinect – required for all multiplayer modes
PlayStation3 Console Edition
– PlayStation3 (with internet connection)
– PlayStationEye – required for all multiplayer modes
PlayStationEye is

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