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Learning AutoCAD has never been easier. Today, AutoCAD 2019 can be easily installed and configured on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux systems. It can also be installed on Google’s Chromebooks.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to install and use AutoCAD.


Before installing AutoCAD, make sure you have the following:

A Windows computer with a working installation of Microsoft Windows. A system with an Intel-compatible processor (CPU) running Windows 10, 8, 7, or Vista. A working Internet connection to access AutoCAD’s online documentation. A standard Ethernet network port to connect to your router and access the Internet.

You must install AutoCAD manually. Autodesk installs and configures AutoCAD on Windows systems using Windows Installer and manually installs AutoCAD on Linux and Mac OS X systems using the installer provided by the Linux distribution and by Apple, respectively.

Before installing AutoCAD manually, download the latest software release from Autodesk’s AutoCAD Downloads page and read the installation instructions carefully.

Installing AutoCAD

In this section, you’ll learn how to install AutoCAD on a Windows system using Windows Installer. For information on installing AutoCAD on Linux or Mac OS X, see Installing AutoCAD on Linux or AutoCAD on Mac OS X.

For the installation instructions in this section, you’ll work on a local computer. Before you begin, make sure you have a working installation of Microsoft Windows and that you have a good working Internet connection to the Internet.

In this section, you’ll use the Windows Installer (MSI) tool. The MSI tool is used to create a single Windows installation package of AutoCAD. A single package can be installed on a single computer or on many computers with the same Windows installation image. If you have more than one computer with the same Windows installation image, you can create a custom installation package that can be installed on any or all of the computers with the same image.

Installing AutoCAD with Windows Installer

To install AutoCAD manually using Windows Installer:

Open the Start menu. Right-click the Start button and select Run. In the Run dialog, type “msiexec” and then click OK. The Windows Installer window opens. Click the All Programs button. Navigate to the folder where you saved the AutoC

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AutoCAD Cracked Accounts also has native python and C++ bindings for the new QGIS project.

AutoCAD LT is a software suite available for Windows, Linux and macOS.

Licensing and upgrades

AutoCAD LT Edition is free, with no limitations on use and no limit on a single user license.

AutoCAD 2007 or later is licensed to be used only on a single computer, on a single Windows operating system and on a single user.

AutoCAD 2014 is a subscription-based product.

In a 2007 interview with Jason Hancock of Creative Applications Magazine, Autodesk indicated that the Autodesk subscription model was adopted due to the changing nature of the CAD industry, which created a more expensive annual license than the previously used perpetual license. However, Autodesk continues to sell both perpetual licenses and subscription licenses. The company has mentioned that in 2011, some of its customers chose to opt out of the subscription model.

The annual maintenance and subscription model is not required for AutoCAD 2007 or later. After installing, AutoCAD 2007 requires an annual subscription to continue working. This was changed in AutoCAD 2013 to require an initial license and an annual subscription. After installing AutoCAD 2013, the user must reenter their subscription information. In AutoCAD 2015 and later, it is possible to “buy” a perpetual license.

Windows and Mac upgrades are available for purchase via Autodesk Exchange. Although upgrades are free for a perpetual license and a paid annual maintenance, customers are charged for the initial license. The user is charged $699 if the product is bought directly from Autodesk or $399 if purchased through a reseller.

Autodesk gives a free one-year trial of all the 2018 products to new users of the software.

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AutoCAD [Win/Mac]

If you have Windows Vista, you need to download the Vista Autocad download package.

Click on Autocad in the bottom left hand corner and the Autocad program window will pop up,
click on its down arrow icon to minimize the window

The icon for Autocad 2d is the downward arrow and you need to click on it to minimize the window.

The icon for Autocad 2018 is the three dots icon and you need to click on it to minimize the window.

Click on the Start icon to run Autocad.

If you want to open the file, click on the file icon to run it.

If you want to open the file as a graphic (for example, save as a GIF), then click on the little arrow in the right top corner and click on the Open As graphic icon.

If you wish to open the file as a CAD Drawing, you need to click on the ARCH icon in the right top corner and select CAD Drawing from the menu.

When you have a CAD drawing, you can simply use the Ctrl-T to save it as a graphic.

If you have an Autocad file, then you need to open it first to convert it to a graphic using the icon in the right top corner.

If you wish to print or save it, you need to right click on the file, then select either Print or save.

There is also a Windows key on the keyboard that can be used to run programs and get to special features on the desktop.

Click on the Start button at the bottom left hand corner.

You need to click on the Desktop icon to open your desktop.

The New and open window will appear on your desktop.

If you have a document you need to edit, then you need to click on its icon on the desktop.

This will open the document.

If you wish to save the document as a new document, then you need to click on its icon on the desktop.

This will open the Save As window.

You need to type the filename of the document.

If you wish to keep the same name, then you need to click on the input box.

If you wish to use a different name, then you need to type the new name.

If you want to change the properties of the file,

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

3D CAD Printing:

Export drawings to 3D for printing. The Export to 3D feature lets you create a 3D view that can be sent to a 3D printer or uploaded to a service such as Shapeways and get a 3D object in exchange.

Architecture and Localization Tools:

Find new ways to work with 3D models. These tools, supported by a cloud-based 3D repository, allow you to access building models from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Powerful analysis features:

Gain the power to analyze multiple drawings simultaneously, view animations of your views and measure differences in accuracy and precision. Analyze the files of all your drawings, including CAD, Excel and PowerPoint files.

Make change orders easier to submit.

Performance and Productivity:

Make large drawings more productive. Create and access your drawings using the new design canvas.

A redesigned tool bar with full-screen viewing.

A dynamic help system that you can use from anywhere in your desktop.

Shareable diagrams that can be shared or embedded in emails and presentations.

Analysis of drawings from all your drawings.

Combine, filter and group files in your folder.

Collaborate in real time with others who are working on your drawings.

Change the appearance of your drawings.

Have more flexibility when working with text.

Automatic reuse of drawing objects.

Search existing drawings by text, description or coordinate location.

Support for InDesign

In addition to support for Microsoft Office applications, AutoCAD is now supported in InDesign CC. The integration offers users several benefits.

Automatic support for text in InDesign CC

Automatic keyboard shortcuts

Automatic command history

Support for paragraph styles and text frames.

InDesign supports the same formats as AutoCAD, including drawing formats, raster images, PDF and Flash formats.

InDesign CC is available for MS Windows and macOS.

Electronic signature:

With AutoCAD, you can create an electronic signature on a drawing. Digital signatures help to verify that the sender of a drawing is the actual creator of the drawing.

Automatic elevation for existing drawings:

With the new Elevation tool you can easily generate and view elevations for existing drawings without adding a new element to the drawing. The new tool lever

System Requirements:

2-4 GB RAM
50 GB free disk space
DirectX 11 compatible card and processor
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