Coordination Chemistry Book By Ajai Kumar Pdf ((LINK)) 📈

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Coordination Chemistry Book By Ajai Kumar Pdf ((LINK)) 📈

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Coordination Chemistry Book By Ajai Kumar Pdf


Is it common for astronomers/astronomy to say that something is “real” and not a “model”?

It seems to me that you (astronomers/astronomy) often say in your writings that some thing is “real” and not a “model”.
But what’s the difference between a “model” and a “real object”?
For me, the word “model” usually means something that can be derived (i.e. derived from other things).
But what are examples of “real” things? I find it hard to have good examples for this.
I would be happy to understand this better if you could give me good examples.


Real object is what the theory refers to as real. If you have a real object (e.g. a star) and then use a model, the model must be defined based on the real object in order to be useful.
In other words, the real object is the object to be modeled, and then models can be made by using the real object as the basis. The real object is what the model is based on, and the model is meant to be as realistic or as close to real as possible.
So the question becomes: what is a model? The model is a representation of the real object. And a model can only be as good as the real object, so the better the real object is, the better the model will be.
An example of this is Newtonian mechanics. Newton described the force of gravity as an object acting on a mass that has a pull on it. It’s a “real object,” and the object itself is still around today. There is a very realistic model of this object that we use today, though it does not describe gravity correctly (it describes forces), it has replaced Newton’s description.
Newton himself is described as being un-reliable in many areas because he could not understand why Kepler’s laws didn’t work in models. He couldn’t make sense of the fact that the orbital period of a solar orbit was not constant. However, Kepler’s laws and Newton’s laws of motion were entirely adequate models for their time, and have proven useful for centuries.





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