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Name Elden Ring
Publisher eleckaa
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Rating 4.40 / 5 ( 547 votes )
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A fantasy action role-playing game that takes place in a vast world full of unknown dungeons. Create your own character, and set off to explore a world rich in fantasy stories. Fight against powerful monsters in a battle where the core of strategy lies. Equip yourself with epic weapons and armor and forge the most powerful warrior by skills.

Creating Your Character

A powerful fighting force. A charming charismatic person. In order to become an Epic Hero with your own unique character, equip yourself with an epic weapon and armor, and don’t forget to have a unique play style. Choose from a variety of weapons and equipment that will help you with different battle styles.

Choose your character’s class and set out to fulfill your hopes of becoming a powerful hero. Class selection is simple and easy. Enjoy the special weapon and armor customization features that are created based on your class. Choose from a variety of weapons and armor that will help you in battle.

Viewing the World and Recruiting Allies

A wide variety of game content is available in the Kingdoms Beyond; monsters, quests, traps, dungeons, and traps. You will be able to select a wide variety of quests and dungeons. An epic story awaits. Battle monsters and fulfill quests to move to the next level and become a true hero.

Along the journey, you will make friends and form a party with characters that will help you in battle. While traveling, you can recruit allies, including NPCs and your own party members. Not only can you acquire powerful characters to help you in battle, you will also be able to receive the “I Have a Friend!” effect from your party, increasing your damage. You will learn the mysteries of the Lands Between, as well as the stories of other monsters.

Single- and Multiplayer Combat

Single-player is available, allowing you to create an epic hero and battle in a vast world. It is also a rich and immersive story. Explore the Lands Between and encounter a variety of monsters, quests, and traps.

You can form a party with other players and enter into multiplayer combat. This mode allows you to enjoy cooperative gameplay by synchronizing your actions in battle.

Discover the Myth and Participate in the Epic Drama

In order to create an epic hero, you will need to cooperate with other adventurers and make a party. Create a party of up to three characters with other adventurers. In this way, a party of up to four characters can battle in single- and multiplayer


Features Key:

  • Feature Your Characters with the Magic, Arms, and Armor Items You’ll Need
  • Create a Unique Character that Has Unique Traits
  • Explore Wide Areas Through the Different Progression System of Environment
  • Fight Various Enemies Expanding Skills to Complete Quests
  • Operate Flow-Connected Battle Fields to Exemplify Skill
  • Develop Character Strength by Mining Equipment for Tools and Weapons
  • Get Powerful Abilities in Rich Dungeons & Battles
  • A Participatory Online Play with Interchanging Elements Where You Feel the Presence of Others
  • A Very Secure-Friendly Game That’s Available Worldwide
  • Roaming And Special Opens Wide to Feeling the Void and Advancing With the Adventure
  • Players Can Join Forces Together to Exploit a Common Goal
  • Recover Reputation (GP) from Spare Stations and Enable Character Growth to Make Your Skills What You Want to Become in the Real World
  • The Development of the Character is Made More Exciting to Players with Customizable Custom Screens
  • A Play Structured to Develop the Character, Apart from a Multiplayer Game
  • Map Exploration Applies the Features of the Adventure Game to the Elder Scroll Online
  • A Compelling Drama that Gives the Game a Rich and Prolific Character
  • ■Game Features

    ① ROAM Open World

    ② A Vast World Full of Thrills and Adventure

    ③ Role-Playing in a World That’s Seamless with the Locations of Adventure and Open World

    ④ Customized Appearance and a Variety of Skill-Based Equipment Items

    ⑤ Build a Unique Character that Has a Variety of Unique Traits

    ⑥ A Multilevel Play that Exemplifies Skill



    Elden Ring Crack For PC

    For as long as there have been games there have been people who play them and then rate them. A game that has survived the test of time and is still being played is an excellent success. Here are some games that have achieved this status of being popular and compelling.

    #1: The Elder Scrolls

    This game is the epitome of what a great game should be. The creators of this game are talented and innovative, the gameplay is natural, challenging and the depth is amazing. The game in itself is large and can be played in many different ways depending on your play style. There is a good chance that the developers of this game will be creating a sequel in the near future, and a great one at that.

    #2: Final Fantasy

    People may argue that Final Fantasy was too long and had too many games in it’s time. This is true, but Final Fantasy still stands as one of the most highly rated games in recent history. The reason for this is the storytelling was never explained, and many plot points were left unsaid. The world of Final Fantasy is a vast one, with many hundreds of creatures, and the environments and dungeons are massive. There are more than 30 subsectors in the game and in each of them there are hundreds of hours of gameplay. Final Fantasy was not without its flaws, but it still remains an amazing game.

    #3: Final Fantasy XII

    In the same way that Final Fantasy makes you feel like you are always moving forward, Final Fantasy XII lets you feel as if you are moving back in time, with its playful segments and gorgeous graphics. This game will give you a sense of accomplishment as you take part in the wars between the two countries, and explore these vast world, whilst also battling monsters and solving some of the many puzzles that appear within the game.

    #4: God of War

    God of War is the classic example of what a remake should be. It has only minor changes to the original game, and retains the same charm and atmosphere as the original. One of the best aspects of this game is the combat system, which is also extremely complex and challenging. The different weapons will introduce new moves to master and the enemies, especially bosses, will be challenging. This game is a real PlayStation Classic example of a fantastic remake.

    #5: Resident Evil 5

    This game shocked the world of gaming with its fantastic graphics, gameplay and story. It had a great cast of characters and was simply


    Elden Ring Free Download PC/Windows (Updated 2022)

    The game features a visual novel-like novel and an RPG dialogue management system.

    The visual novel and RPG are designed to be played together; however, the text box can be used independently.

    Your choices can affect the plot even if you miss some of the text boxes, such as that involving the survivor of the realm.

    Easy-to-use gameplay.

    Highly responsive characters.

    Enjoyable story and character interactions.

    Eminem’s music.

    The March main update of the game is going to be a new main expansion, where the story will take a significant turn. For the time being, please enjoy the game while the development team works on the main story expansion.

    An update is planned to be released on March 26th in order to implement the newly added areas and events into the game, which will include the story main expansion of the game. If you wish to keep up to date with the game while it is in development, check out the official Weibo.


    The game can be played online. However, this version will be free from March 26th until May 16th, so please visit to play.



    ■ Original Title:

    《Elden Ring : Ellingtonia Project》


    ▲Settings. You can turn them off and on when you want.


    ■ System Supported: Android 4.4 and above


    ■ Number of Players: Play on the Online Server or PC only. Online Saves are NOT shared.


    ■ Characters: The game features character development.

    ■ Densetsu no Yūsha Vol. 1: The Story of Tarnished Gods

    ■ Densetsu no Yūsha Vol. 2: The Story of Tarnished Gods

    ■ Densetsu no Yūsha Vol. 3: The Story of Tarnished Gods

    ■ Densetsu no Yūsha Vol. 4: The Story of Tarnished Gods

    ■ Densetsu no Yūsha Vol. 5: The Story of Tarnished Gods

    ▲ Please enjoy the game while it is being developed.



    What’s new:
















































    Free Download Elden Ring Crack Product Key Full For Windows

    1. Install the game (you can download it from any site with Google)
    2. Extract the file in ELDEN RING game folder (you must extract somewhere where you can save the game)
    3. Run the game and play!

    UPLOADED! i know you want to here its been on his for a bit thanks for all the ones who asked so dont worry and support the guy who uploaded it all the credit goes to him

    A new version came out (on IGN) and i dont feel like ruining people’s games so im trying to upload it for those who want to know what it is (hope you enjoy it)

    Crack (Crack v 0.1)

    Elden Ring

    It was a windy day, the fields began to fade into the horizon. Having received the news of an upcoming war, you could feel the emotion in the breeze as it caressed your face, the grass was drying up and the entire world was afire with passion. The elders assembled in a magnificent hall and decided that it was time to celebrate the glory of the past, however no one could predict the future of this country, and the time of Peace would become the distant memory of a laugher. As the festival began, the beauty of the land shined, as the smooth green trees seemed to dance amidst the excited crowd. As the sun shone in a clear blue sky the people shouted, raised their arms in the air and cheered with happiness. Maybe this is it, the time for a new form of life; a new era. What’s going to happen? You have come from a place far away and the destiny of this land is in your hands. There are 3 paths. The first one is a real-time combat, where you fight to survive in a world full of strange creatures. The second path features a sandbox mode where you can create anything you wish, and the third one – a tactical map, where you plan to attack an object, in order to destroy it. The game gives you the ability to choose a profession. You can either become a Warrior or a Mage. There are more, but you’ll learn about them on the way. The game requires Windows 7 or Windows 8. Good Luck and have fun!


    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • How to install
  • How to Crack
  • Downloading Instructions:

    Mac :

    • Download the installer and run the installer located in the folder
    • Copy it to C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\ and rename as “Elden Ring\client\elden ring.exe”
    • Accept the License
    • Start the game
    • You are done

    Windows :

    • Download the installer and run the installer
    • Copy it to %PROGRAMFILES%\SteamApps\ and rename as “Elden Ring\client\elden ring.exe”
    • Accept the License
    • Start the game
    • You are done

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    How To Install :

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    Switch Log Pad :

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