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The new technology is available on FIFA Pro Evolution Soccer in addition to Fifa 22 Serial Key for Switch. Players can jump into the action right away and find their runs, tackles and goals all made possible through HyperMotion Technology, as well as improved animation and enhanced reaction physics.

Players can change the look of the ball in FIFA 22 through a new “Player Ball” feature, giving them a wider variety of player and ball visuals. They can also use a new “Ball Flicker” feature to create one-off trick finishes from one-on-ones, with more skill options for both defenders and attackers. Finally, players can use “Unique Player Feelings” to highlight and enhance the real-life “playbook” of each player, enabling them to express their unique individual identity when playing with their friends.

Check out the trailer below for more gameplay details and additional information about New Generation Avatars and Superstar Player Ratings.

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Here is my page-inserter:
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Features Key:

  • Matchday and Training Mode. Features enhanced tools for training your team to the next level.
  • Evolution. Create the perfect team and evolve it to dominate the pitch with The Journey of Evolution – experience 22 players like never before. No longer will players be forced to wear kits pulled straight off the side of the road!
  • Live Skill Games. Enjoy a new way to play friendlies, using Live Skill Games to play against AI teams in a variety of different game settings.
  • Game Vision. Control and dive deeper into your opponents by seeing where they are, before and during challenges, as well as close up of the ball when in possession.
  • FIFA 22 Features – a variety of new and improved EA SPORTS DNA features – FIFA Ultimate Team, game engine, and AI technology.
  • FIFA World Cup 2018


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FIFA is the world’s best selling sports video game and the most played sports game, available on all current-gen consoles and PC. Since being released in 1991, it’s featured core gameplay features include creative freedom, goal-driven gameplay, and footballers and teams from around the world.

FIFA, the FIFA logo, FIFA Women’s World Cup™, FUT and Pro Clubs are the registered trademarks or trademarks of EA Digital Sport, Inc. or its affiliates.

EA SPORTS is a registered trademark or trademark of Electronic Arts Inc. or its affiliates.

The FIFPRO logo, the FIFA World Cup™ logo, Pro Evolution Soccer logo and FIFA CONMEBOL are all registered trademarks or trademarks of FIFA.

30 clubs, 18 leagues, 48 teams, more than 1000 authentic players and countless depth of gameplay in FIFA Soccer, means it’s never been easier to play, compete and enjoy all that football has to offer.

FIFA 20 is the next chapter in the evolution of FIFA, delivering unparalleled freedom and gameplay innovation to bring the game closer to the real thing than ever before.

Key Game Features

The World’s Most Realistic Game Engine – FIFA features the most realistic game engine on the market. Player movements are more responsive than ever before, delivering the speed and agility of real-world footballers. Every movement, tackle and slide in real-life football is represented in-game. Players will also go into battle with an enhanced approach to defending, adding to the already award-winning in-game simulation.

Cross-Platform Compatible – FIFA 20 is available for PlayStation®4, Xbox One, and PC.

New Default Control Scheme – FIFA 20 offers improved controls for players on PC, allowing the use of both mouse and keyboard when playing. An effortless feature to enable and switch back, it gives a new control scheme that improves touch responsiveness and makes it easier to execute simple actions.

An All-New Default Approach – The all-new default control scheme gives players an easier route through FIFA’s menus. Players can simply use the keyboard and mouse to move around the menus and adjust settings. We’ve also enabled the option to automatically enable new controls in the in-game User Interface when entering FIFA 20. The new control scheme makes playing FIFA on PC much more intuitive.

Improved Health Bar – A new visual approach has been implemented to illustrate what


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Compete in matches as your very own customized Pro. Once assembled, your Pro comes with their own unique attributes and traits to help you stand out amongst the competition. Every team has a place in the FUT Ladder and the richer you get, the higher you climb. With over one million cards and a deep card-pool, Ultimate Team makes discovering new Pro’s and building your deck faster than ever!

Be a Pro – Create, customize, control, and compete as the best player in the world. In this single-player story mode, Alex Hunter is reborn as an agent of the future. Set out to find the greatest footballers of all time, compete in thrilling matches, and discover clues that will help you unlock the secrets of the FUT Universe.

Soccer Mogul – Fight your way to the top and lead your team to victory in Soccer Mogul. Build your own private stadium, hire superstars, win collectibles and much more. Soccer Mogul allows you to put the decisions in your hands and control every aspect of your team.

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What’s new:

  • FIFA 22 includes a revolutionary new brand of gameplay that empowers players to become true creators of their own play style. New digital teammates allow you to take control of iconic superstars who also move in a new more fluid way, as well as a host of other improvements in The Journey to unlock new moves and evolve your team to create a new style of play.
  • FIFA 22 puts you in the center of the fast-paced action with a new award-winning suite of Passing and Shooting mechanics. Passengers are a key part of your ability to control the action, offering a new approach to build-up play, counter-attack and open up your options in attack. New defensive moves return, but are tailored to the new shifting geometry on the pitch, with improved defensive positioning and more advanced positioning for defending from open play. This new set of techniques gives defenders a more intelligent understanding of the geometry, pace and movements of the game.

    “A lot of the thinking that went into the FIFA 10 engine was born out of the recognition that even though the gameplay worked well, the way players moved across the pitch was tired, rigid, and unable to adapt to changing circumstances. We began the development of a new engine with the understanding that if we could create a new set of tools to be applied in a new and inventive way across the entire pitch, from TV to onball, it could create something that was very fresh and exciting to play.”
    Dr. Alex Heaton – Director of FIFA Media

  • In addition to the new engine and living environment, FIFA 22 introduces a new and exciting way to play the game in Overtime. Overtime presented the option of creating a new rule set in order to solve pressing gameplay issues, such as advance passing, moving dead-ball situations, or ways to counter the shoot box. Overtime enables players to make creative decision-making that enables creative play, and give all teams a reason to change the default rule set to something more innovative.


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FIFA is an Action Sports game with the most authentic football gameplay you’ll ever experience. Step inside the shoes of one of more than 150 real footballers – true to their FIFA personality. Go one-on-one against friends and foes or drop into the heat of online competition for the chance to prove who’s the best.

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Get the Game

Get the full game experience on PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC now, and experience match-day atmosphere as never before. Featuring all-new open-world dribbling and shooting, improved passing, and more, FIFA has never felt so real.

Football. Real Football.

Seasoned FUT veterans will appreciate the gameplay improvements which make FIFA feel more like the real deal, where every tackle counts and head-ons are part of the action. Veteran players will appreciate the gameplay improvements which make FIFA feel more like the real deal, where every tackle counts and head-ons are part of the action.


Live a bigger and bolder FIFA world. With all-new open-world dribbling and a new traversal system, the game gives you the freedom to roam and play your style.

Crazy Controlled Situations: Improving Drives and Shots

With all-new rapid-fire control, players will have more opportunities to score from long distances.

With all-new rapid-fire control, players will have more opportunities to score from long distances.

Shooting from space: Players can now take accurate shots when they are running through on goal.

Players can now take accurate shots when they are running through on goal.

Passing From Distance: Players can now pass accurately with the touch of a button or the motion of a stick.

Players can now pass accurately with the touch of a button or the motion of a stick.

Better Traversal: Players can now run, jump, slide or do any other move from any spot on the field.

Players can now run, jump, slide or do any other move from any spot on the field.



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