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Java DeObfuscator is a software utility which simplifies the whole task of decompiling Java projects, by doing this automatically and with minimal user supervision. It does not include complex features or configuration settings, making it accessible to all types of users.
No installation necessary
There is no setup pack involved, which makes Java DeObfuscator portable. You can save the program files to any part of the hard disk and just click the executable to launch it. There is also the option to save the app to a USB flash drive or other removable storage unit, in order to run it on any PC directly, without any other installers.
An important factor worth keeping in mind is that the Windows registry and Start menu do not get updated with new entries, and no extra files are created on the HDD, thus leaving it clean after removal.
Simple-looking interface with a few handy settings
The GUI has a plain and intuitive structure, and does not put emphasis on looks, preferring to let users immediately dive into the configuration procedure. Java class files can be pointed out using the file browser only, since the drag-and-drop method is not supported.
It is possible to examine the class structure in a tree view, as well as ask Java DeObfuscator to remove old files and classes when decompiling the project. This procedure starts with the click of a button and takes reasonable time to finish, depending on the class file's complexity.
Evaluation and conclusion
The app leaves a small footprint on system resources, since it runs on low CPU and RAM. It has a good response time and did not hang or crash during our evaluation. However, it popped up some errors while we were fiddling with the class tree view. We must also take into account that Java DeObfuscator has not been updated for a long time.


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Download » DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)






Java DeObfuscator Crack [Win/Mac] [Latest] 2022

The app seems to be a good helper for developers who need to extract class files from their projects, though not intended to be used as a decompiler. Its configuration is pretty basic, making it easy to use. The interface is pleasing and no extra resources are required, which makes it easy to transport. The instructions about how to use the software are very clear and detailed, and it also has an on-line help button.


Junior Programmer

Just bought it and tried it..i must say it works well..

For any beginner who want to start programming…either it is beginners to java,or try to learn some basic java and C++..

I suggest start by learning C++, use the Eclipse IDE, or IDEjet,i think Eclipse is better..But you might can use notepad++ if you want..

But if you use notepad++,there is a lot of plugins that can help you can open and save files as well..

If you have some problem,you can make a google search to find the help of your problem..

Many online classes of java is available in

Help!!! 1. What is the first software you have used to debug java? 2. Which IDE you will use? 3. Do you have any favorite IDE which is really easist to use? 4. Are there any IDE which can help to run your project?

Thanks for your feedback. The first one to try is Java DeObfuscator. It is a portable tool, doesn’t install anything on the hard disk, runs on computers without an operating system and eliminates the need to keep a particular version of Java on the computer.

I would suggest taking a look at the beginners course at There are two tracks for each level. I am currently taking one of them and I have an advantage in that I already know some Java. The course has weekly quizzes, weekly assignments, and takes 1.5 months to complete. You do get some of your questions answered at that level. It is not a complete guide, but if you want a quick refresher I suggest that first.

I’m not a big fan of Eclipse. I like using Notepad++, but I was disappointed to find that Java DeObfuscator did not work well with it. It didn’t parse or open the files. Java De

Java DeObfuscator Crack+ [Latest-2022]

Java DeObfuscator Cracked 2022 Latest Version is a software utility which simplifies the whole task of decompiling Java projects, by doing this automatically and with minimal user supervision. It does not include complex features or configuration settings, making it accessible to all types of users. Java DeObfuscator Crack For Windows can decompile most of the Java projects, such as Java programs, Java Web Start applications and Android apps. This app is designed for personal use only.
System requirements:
* Windows 7 or later
* 1 GB of RAM
* 20 MB of disk space
* Java 8 or later
* A copy of the original file
Similar software/apps:
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Java DeObfuscator Crack Keygen Full Version

Java DeObfuscator (JDZ) is an easy to use tool for the automatic deobfuscation of Java source code. It can decrypt obfuscated java classes, and allows you to view the original source code. It replaces even very high-level of obfuscation. The application is lightweight and very easy to use. JDZ supports all Java versions and all obfuscators, including IntelliJ.
This obfuscation software is highly popular among software pirates. It is not uncommon that some tools used for the software protection are also used for the piracy, including Java DeObfuscator.
JDZ was not designed to be stealthy, nor to act like a hacker. It was built to handle typical problems that appear when you deal with obfuscated code.
The JDZ Team, after years of testing and developing, has published the first version of the program. JDZ is extremely easy to use, and completely transparent.
The application can:
* Decrypt obfuscated classes
* Print the variable names
* Print the literal strings (any where, even in comments)
* Print debugging information
* Print the class structure using a treeview
* Show the position of the last modified line
* Remove encrypted class
* List the content of a directory
* Help you to decipher the modified class
* Show the root-level keywords
* Read internal variables, fields and methods
* Warn you for errors in code
* Run through obfuscators
* Show decompilation settings
* Decrypt the content of files
* Encrypt files
* Find the start and end of a string
* Detect text/binary
* Find out the arithmetic operations
* Obfuscate text
* Print-entire methods
* Print local variables
* List the source code
* Decode encrypted code
JavaDeObfuscator Key Features:
* Clear out the variables and functions
* Detect the loop and determine the position of the string
* Clear all class, adding the decryption process
* Enable the encryption process
* Clear the parameters and the class
* Decode encrypted program
* Obfuscate and encrypt the folder
* Analyze and copy the function
* Verify the API
* Detect, show and clear all the variables
* Decode and encrypt the method
* Display variable type
* Add new fields or functions
* Detect the label
* Verify the module
* Detect and show the variable
* Print the source code
* Clear the labels

What’s New In?

No installation necessary.
Provides Java source decompiler.
Evaluates source code for obfuscation.
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System Requirements For Java DeObfuscator:

Windows 10 (64-bit only), Windows 8.1 (64-bit only) or Windows 7 SP1 (64-bit only)
3.5 GHz Processor
2 GB Hard Disk Space
1024×768 Screen Resolution
The game can be played on the PC (Windows 10 64-bit only), Mac (Mac OS X 10.12 or later), PS4, XBOX ONE and Stadia (Windows only) versions.
WASD: Movement
Left mouse button

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