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Cecilia Alex (January 31, 1991), also known by her stage name Cecilia A, is a Latina singer-songwriter, rapper, and actress who is the daughter of Luciano Castro and singer-songwriter Sergio Chavez. She is best known for her portrayal of Tania Vega on the musical comedy-drama television series Ugly Betty. On the show, she portrayed a classic Latin beauty. She portrayed Blanca Medina on the soap opera Los Reyes in 2007.World Class Field Trialer & Qualified in both Outdoor and Indoor Pistol Sport shooting: Member of the United States Practical Pistol Association (USPPA), National Rifle Association, International Police Association, and National Fudd Gun Club

Texas Licensed Certified pistol Instructor

Carries Concealed Pistol License (CCW) and CCW Holder’s Permit

Professional instructor since 1992

Resumes available upon request


“I have known Don for many years. I can give you the same thing I have give other instructors… great instructor. If I want to learn how to shoot, he is the person I want to learn from.” Joe T. – Texas

“They came out to our home and asked if they could help me become a better shooter. I’ve been buying from Don for a while but am always looking for ways to improve and his classes are the best I’ve ever taken.” Ian T. – Texas

“I have been taking classes with Don since 2001. He’s a great teacher, explains things in a way that anyone can understand.” Chris – Texas

“I’m a new gun owner and Don’s instruction methods are extremely informative and effective.” Sam S. – Texas

“Don’s training provides a flawless operation of a firearm. Not only is he a great instructor, but also an all-around great guy.” Charles – Texas

“I’ve been a member of the NRA for almost 20 years, own over 200 guns, and run a few classes a year with Don. He is a great instructor and a nice guy.” T.J. – Texas

“He is an excellent instructor and is very knowledgable about all types of shooting. His training is extremely valuable.” Chuck H. – Texas

“In the shooting business I hear

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read moreThis research investigates the formation of long-chain hydrocarbons in the free-living alga Dunaliella bardawil. A combination of growth experiments, cell fractionation, and mass spectrometry analyses has been used to pinpoint the mechanism of hydrocarbon synthesis. The results show that free fatty acids (FFA) are first converted to alkanes and waxes by Delta11-desaturases located in the chloroplast stroma. We propose that stromal Delta11-desaturases may have evolved from a Delta4-desaturase and function in the production of FFA. These stromal FFA would then be oxidized by peroxisomal Delta7-desaturases to make longer chain FFAs. The resulting metabolites would be converted to alkanes by stromal alkane synthases, and waxes by stromal fatty acyl-CoA: fatty alcohol acyltransferases. Alkane and wax precursors are then channeled to the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) membrane where they are esterified by acyl-CoA: diacylglycerol acyltransferases. The research examined three questions. 1. Do stromal fatty acid desaturases exist in higher plants? 2. Do stromal fatty acid desaturases act in the formation of end products of the fatty acid or lipid metabolism? 3. Is is possible to increase the formation of alkanes and waxes in Dunaliella? The approach taken was to introduce into Dunaliella genes that encode the enzymes involved in fatty acid metabolism. The fatty acid- and lipid-related genes of Dunaliella are expressed in Arabidopsis thaliana. Therefore, the availability of Dunaliella as a model system allows the monitoring of the behavior of these genes under normal, basal conditions as well as in the presence of chemical and environmental factors.1. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates to an ink-jet printing apparatus and an ink-jet printing method, which have a mechanism which exchanges a printing head having ink ejection nozzles and a cleaning member.
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An ink-jet printing apparatus is a printing apparatus which is configured such that ink droplets are ejected from a printing head (

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