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If you’re thinking about switching to Mac OS X, or even ditching Windows for a Linux or Android OS X setup, you really need to think about doing a lot of your editing on the iPad. There is no need to design or code in Photoshop on the iPad, but if you’re a serious artist or designer, the iPad’s multi-touch screen, screen real estate and access to Photoshop’s extensive toolset make it almost unbeatable. I would love a Mac OS X version of Photoshop, but so far, also-ran Adobe Lightroom just doesn’t bring enough to the iPad yet.

The Apple Pencil is now in its third year, and while it’s a clever gimmick, it is starting to look a little stale. There are a few good ink-based stylus replacements on the market, but one of the best so far is Samsung’s drawing app. It’s easy to use and has a range of features that make it useful for professional designers. But there are some things it lacks compared to a typical stylus, such as tilt sensitivity. The one big downside to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is that it is more expensive than the iPad Air 2 and has a less powerful processor.

The other big photo and video editing software tools you’ll need to get along comfortably with the iPad Pro and Pencil are Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. Like the adage says, you get what you pay for, and the people that create these image tools pay handsomely for their software. Originally, the iPad and Photoshop were meant for one another, and while most of the grid of tools in Photoshop are specific to that platform, the iPad Pro offers that creative environment in a tablet, along with the satisfaction of knowing that your edits will work on any device.

You can use the Quick Select tool to select a specific area of an image. When you do, it opens the Quick Select dialog box, where you can choose how you want the area you select to appear—as a highlighted shape, a regular shape, or a selection mask. You can then change how the selection appears, without touching any of the pixels you’ve selected. Photoshop also includes the Clone Stamp tool, which lets you duplicate selected areas of an image. Use it to change your image, or overlay it over another image to extract an object from one image onto another.

Sound weird? That’s because it is. Photoshop’s manipulation of colors is more involved than you might think. In the most basic terms, it lets you adjust the shades of each pixel in the image. Think of it less as swapping colors and more as shifting the gray scale. When you want to change the way the pixels in an image appear, Photoshop lets you do it without touching any of the pixels—it lets you “tweak” the image. And because the adjustments are non-destructive, you can experiment and see the results immediately instead of waiting to see the results after each adjustment. So, you can scale up the settings, zoom in or out, or experiment with different settings until you’ve achieved the effect you’re after.

Lesson 7: The Layers Panel

The image layers panel makes it easy to see, organize, and manage the different areas of an image. These layers can contain basic image components—such as environments and backgrounds, as well as advanced objects, paths, or effects. You can use the top two panels to adjust the current visible layer’s settings, and you drag the layer below into the first panel to bring up its settings.

Note: Once a layer is added to an image, it is placed in the active layer, which is displayed in the first panel on the bottom. You can change your active layer by selecting it in the panel on the bottom. Makes sense?


The latest for Adobe Photoshop allows export of photographic adjustments and compositions to other formats, like web and video. In addition, it is now easier to work with multiple canvases simultaneously by using the automated preview bar, thanks to the update’s also adding a print dialog in its expanded canvas tab that’s helpful when printing images.

The auto save and auto reload options found in other Photoshop apps have also been revised, and the new options allow users to save and preserve a state mid-design, and auto save only when a certain area is active.

Last year saw the birth of Adobe Preset Manager, a new way to save and transfer custom image settings in a cleanly designed interface. Adobe Preset Manager is also the name of the new Adobe Preset System that makes it possible to access all available presets in one central location. New defaults that have been built in to features like Predefined Artwork and the Distort & Transform tool can be found in many different ways, and feature a few ‘Cards’ that give configurable examples.

Bondo and the G’MIC filter, or GPU-based, are now options in the Content-Aware Fill feature, making the process nearly seamless for those who find it difficult to use the tool. Content-Aware Fill is now faster, allowing users to save time by automatically creating smart and realistic results. Content-Aware Fill is also now included in Photoshop, providing a choice of color choices and banner removal.

Another big upgrade is its new Color panel, providing a new Dual Luminance and Color Control interface, along with improved controls for Canon CR2 RAW format support, IGx and X-Ray3D. With sample colors, adjustments and more, it’s now easier than ever to see which adjustments will produce the best results.

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The Adobe Art Suite CS6 is an innovative new collection of digital tools designed to improve your art and design workflow. The tools will allow you to work in the online services and offline. The aim of the tools is to bring the best quality of work to your work.

The Adobe Art Suite includes five powerful and innovative digital art software applications, including Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe InDesign CC, Adobe XD CC and Adobe Typekit.

The Adobe Art Suite has been designed with business owners and designers in mind, offering a variety of exceptionally quick and cost-effective solutions to artistic, aesthetic and economic challenges. It is a free package of Adobe applications that comprises powerful design and creative software and web-based tools designed to improve your workflow, reimagine your workflow, and build long-term relationships with your customers.

The last 10 years have seen Photoshop’s creative transformation as the industry has switched from Photoshop 1.0 to Photoshop 3.0, went through Photoshop 4.x, and is currently zooming into Photoshop CS6 and beyond.

In CS6, Photoshop features are even more sophisticated, as a result, a huge number of frequently requested features have come to life. Adobe’s team of Photoshop engineers and usability and design specialists worked closely with customer-focused testers to deliver incredible new innovations for users.

Photoshop is available for macOS, Windows, and Android. Adobe Photoshop CS5 and newer can be purchased for Windows, macOS, and Android, and as long as you have a functioning internet connection, you can download the latest version directly from Adobe.

One of the most powerful features in any photo editing software will always be its ability to clone an object, a photograph, or a section of a picture. Select any area of an image and press Edit >> Clone, and you will see the options: Clone from Color, Create Group, or Create Bitmap. Select the last option and click clone.

Photoshop is a robust image manipulation program, rich with features, and it’s getting even better with the Creative Cloud update. Admittedly, you need to pay for the software to make use of many of these features, but that’s the cost of admission for creativity.

Most of these new and updated features work in the current, free Lightroom version, too. To do some of these features in Lightroom, first, click on the big red + button above the right side of your window and download the current Creative Cloud version of Lightroom.

Now, move your cursor over to any of the options in the menu (eg: Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Lightroom CC ). It’s right by the last option (Create Cloud Presets). Click on that and you’ll have access to all of your ACR cloud work for export.

To use one of these CS6 features (less than two years old!), click on it and then press the space bar. Your cursor will change to the appear to act as a compass, which will give you a quick overview of all the CC features available to you.

Film or digital? Working with RAW or JPG? A seamless, zero-latency workflow with the Adobe Creative Cloud is now available to achieve maximum creativity, quality and efficiency within Photoshop.

The most powerful mobile Photoshop editing has arrived on iOS and Android. That means you can now easily and with ease on the go make your adjustments and create your edits, capture, manipulate, and edit your mobile photos for perfect results.

Photoshop is the most powerful editor in use today and an essential part of every creative’s toolkit. It is fully able to manipulate pretty much any image file format, exists in multiple platforms and configurations, and maintains a strong presence in the corporate world. While its interface does require some training, the efficiency and elegance behind the Creative Suite individual tools makes Photoshop a widely popular choice for retail, design, digital media, and video work, among others.

Adobe Photoshop is the most powerful editing program available today. Possessing all the features you can imagine, Photoshop is the number one editing solution for millions of photographers—creators—around the globe. Organize and edit all your photos with ease—and easily share them on social media as well.

Adobe Photoshop Express is an alternative photo editor. It’s a feature-rich, free all-in-one solution. It includes basic photo editing tools as well as special effects, and effects similar to Photoshop.

In July 2017, Adobe announced the end of life for Photoshop CC. Over the past two years, the company has migrated CC users to Photoshop CC 2019 and it will continue to provide security updates for the next three years. However, you will no longer be able to access the Creative Cloud that it replaced.

Saving preferences: Photoshop saves settings more efficiently, allowing users to modify default preferences on a per-user basis. Plug-ins, smart objects and many other features are available to help you customize your workspace for the ideal experience.

About Photoshop: Photoshop is the iconic, Swiss army knife of graphics software, with innovative new features that help you create everything from images to videos. The flagship commercial version uses the same editing tools offered in its free versions since its inception in 1987. That means you can work on multiple images at once. And it’s easy to upscale photos and make other adjustments as needed, so you can create everything from small graphics to elaborate works of art. Achieve that with more than 250+ creative tools and features in this all-new, best-of-breed version of Photoshop. You won’t find a more comprehensive package with better features and more powerful ways to customize it than Photoshop CC. If you’re already an Adobe creative, you can try it for free now and take advantage of all the features and benefits of Photoshop CC for no additional cost.

DxO Photo Labs is a set of tools that allows you, for the first time on Photoshop, to connect your camera and translate your pictures into a new medium camera-raw, wherein you can treat each of them as though it came from a separate camera. It’s a feature that no matter how skilled you are working on photographs, you have long desired. It is such an excellent tool that is especially useful if you own a wide-angle lens where every pixel counts. DxO is the #1 tool for the photography market. Its flagship product is DxO PhotoLab and you can see the best of DxO direct from the tool up to the latest DxO Labs devices.

360-Degree Image Panoramas help you arrange and position multiple images to create an immersive, panorama-like product. The software is accessible at

The new Adobe Investigator tool enables you to spot areas that may be problematic, such as skin blemishes, bad lighting, reflections, shadows, and other irregularities. This tool lets you simplify and correct images much more efficiently and easily than merely guessing where these issues may be lurking. It can be found at the Adobe Labs website at

Another tool for Photoshop that can ditch the guesswork and make you create better and more authentic photos is the New Layer Mask feature. It gives wonderful control over the way objects are masked and makes it easy to mask out a photo.

Built on Adobe’s Creative Cloud platform, Photoshop CC is a reliable workhorse that incorporates new tools and technology from the core of the library. The latest release comes with advanced drawing and illustration effects; improved color management tools (see p. ); and easier creation of vector art. An easy-to-use user interface for beginners makes the new and improved version easier than ever to use. The subscription model, however, allows only three years worth of access.

Get the best of both worlds with Acrobat Pro DC’s versatility and the powerful, reliable Adobe Creative Cloud. Photoshop is more than just a photo editing suite; it’s also a powerful design solution. With its companion software, the Creative Cloud subscription, designers can create anything from business reports to menu systems, brochures, and web sites using Adobe Creative Suite.

Adobe Illustrator 20 adds a new section for vector-based drawing to the user interface, allowing users to select and edit vector-based artwork, tools, and effects that work on all type, including character and specialty fonts. This also enables artists to better organize their work and make better informed design decisions. Users also can create new artworks by drawing directly over images, with the ability to create updated symbols, icons, or prototypes to illustrate a new concept.

Adobe Photoshop Fix is used to retouch images – also called “photo retouching” – digitally by applying easy-to-use fixes and effects, enhancing certain features, and creating whole designs. Unlike a typical image-editing program, Photoshop Fix is the only Photoshop program that allows you to apply these fixes directly from the program.

Adobe Graphics is the basic toolset for vector art on the Mac. It is made to be used to create simple 2D art or for styling photographs; it is a set of vector tools, filters, and other features. It can be used to create logos, figures, and complex signage.

Most people are interested in using a product (Photoshope, Photoshop Elements, Photoshop, Lightroom etc.) once they have it. However, not everyone is interested in creating compelling content. When you have everything you need to make something amazing, you sometimes want to just create it without having it be a chore or an enormous learning curve. So, you don’t necessarily want to spend all of your time tweaking your files before you can get them to look how you want, you want to be able to get to the point where you can start to enjoy and make work.

Every day is a new experience. You can now edit and manipulate photos and videos on the go with mobile tools that stay in sync with your Creative Cloud. Whether you’re on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device, you can edit amazing photos and videos right from your devices. Work the same way as you would on a desktop and get the best experience when you edit on the go.

Photoshop is undeniably the industry’s standard, however if you’d like to get more creative features, you’ll have to opt for an alternative like Adobe’s Elements rather than Photoshop. This tool is an excellent photo editing software for beginners. It is also designed for website owners, bloggers and comics enthusiasts. It includes most of the elements of the professional-grade Photoshop, but the features are not as advanced or the interface is not as intuitive.

In 2015, Adobe Photoshop made its shift into the Cloud for its cloud storage. Unlike previous versions it does not require a standalone license to edit your photos. With the addition of the subscription option, Photoshop customers are now able to create, edit, and organize their digital assets all in one place, using any modern web browser. Users of previous versions can purchase a standalone license for just the number of pictures they use.

With the cloud-based capability of the new updates, you can easily search and copy files from another device in your Creative Cloud Library that can be seamlessly shared in the Cloud or used on any computer.

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