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QuickMove Crack+ Torrent Free Download [Updated]

The essential Windows tool to relocate files and folders for easier organization

Able to split and merge files and folders

Use the context menu to specify the target folder

Manage all of your rules at once

Browse the target list to find whatever you’re looking for quickly

File Types

Move files, folders, and executables with ease. See your item targets in the context menu and choose the right program to move it to your next destination.

Use the context menu to specify the target folder, and choose the right program to move it to your next destination.

The context menu puts you in control of your file or folder targets with ease.

Use the context menu to choose the right program to move it to your next destination.

QuickMove Features:

Create, edit and remove complex, fine-grained rules from one place

Manage your rules as you wish, and add more using the built-in Wizard

Include or exclude all files, folders, executables or archives

Enable or disable the tracking of modifications, and set the protection level

New rule creation wizards help you to define a set of conditions

Rule Editor lets you create and edit complex, multi-condition rules

Provide conditions only, or apply them to a file or an extension

Filter by file types, extensions or file name and size

View the list of rules and sort it using several algorithms

Clean your folders and make them more accessible with the help of these tools:

Select and move multiple files and folders in one operation

Command-line switches and job completion information are available

Any files or folders that don’t meet your conditions are moved to a specific location

QuickMove is free to use with the following features.

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You can download QuickMove by clicking on the download link below.
If the download does not automatically start, click on the above link to download the installer file

QuickMove 2022

QuickMove is a GUI tool designed for quickly and efficiently moving files from one location to another. Instead of typing the same commands over and over again, it allows you to add new patterns and rules, set options and parameters, and even show a preview.
1. Add new patterns and rules through simple wizards
2. Add new targets by simply dropping files into the target area
3. Set rules and parameters by adding extra flags to the individual file
4. Set rules and parameters in a folder-wide manner to save time and improve accuracy
5. Supports listing, extracting, and moving of multiple files simultaneously
6. Supports specifying targets within and across multiple folders
7. Reports inconsistencies and missed items in case of files with invalid patterns
8. Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8
9. Compatible with Windows x64 versions
10. Compatible with all versions of Windows including the latest
11. Supports dragging and dropping items to create new rules
12. Free trial version is included

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QuickMove Crack For Windows [March-2022]

It is a tool used for a variety of purposes, such as removing or relocating items to clean your hard disk or simply moving your files for organization. It allows you to select files and move them to any target folder with just one click. Additionally, it does not matter whether you select files by name, extension, size or any other parameters.

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What’s New in the?

QuickMove is the perfect file and folder organizer, allowing you to create, manage and apply rules to move files or folders. QuickMove features powerful shell integration into Window Explorer context menu, visually simplified user interface and small application footprint. QuickMove allows you to easily organize your files and folders in a way you just can’t do with other programs. Applications like Word can be organized using rules and the rules can be applied to entire folders at once.
Create, manage and apply rules to move files or folders
Visually simplified user interface and small application footprint.
Shell integration into Window Explorer context menu
Establish the conditions for the rule, and move files in one click
Recommend QuickMove for:
QuickMove is ideal for:
File & Folder Organization
File moving automation
File & Folder Organization
QuickMove was not found in the stores

Similar software shotlights:

Folder Move Wizard 1.0 — Get Folder Move Wizard It allows you to move files or folders into any folder, make copies of folders, remove files and folders from your computer and add new files or folders.
File Organizer 2006 5.8 — Move, copy, delete, rename and other functions of files and folders on your computer.
File Move Wizard 2009 3.0 — Move, copy and rename files or folders on your computer.
Move Filer 1.0 — Automated file moving on your computer.
If you are running on Windows 98, there is a good chance that you are already familiar with the WINDEFTOOLS organization and folder moving tool by Microsoft. The tool works in a similar way, but you will find that it is designed in much more detail, and with much better functionality. Check out WinDirStat for a guide on how to use this tool with your personal computer.
Along with being intuitive and capable of quickly moving file and folder contents, WINDEFTOOLS for Windows is also more comprehensive and more powerful than its competition. It has an integrated monitoring and visualization feature with a unique built-in database and excellent statistics tools. When a user runs WINDEFTOOLS for Windows for the first time, they will be encouraged to select their preferred locations for their data, and the options can be set up accordingly at the start.
They can be for a certain location on their hard disk, for a group of locations, or for a single one if they wish. The utility will remember the locations of their files or folders after a restart, and will be

System Requirements:

Supported operating systems are Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64-bit versions only).
Other requirements
Minimum system requirements have been determined by one of the developers. These requirements were determined in order to ensure that you have a fully working game. You may encounter issues if you have a system that is below the minimum requirements listed. Some of the below listed requirements are hardware recommendations and if your system doesn’t meet these requirements you may not be able to play this game.
The minimum requirement for this game are 128MB of video


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