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Wedding Crashers 1080p Tpb Torrents

John (Owen Wilson) and Jeremy (Vince Vaughn) are not marriage material. They spend most of their time either crashing weddings or getting hammered. They are obsessed with sex, “rapping”, and getting their faces tattooed. Occasionally they may show themselves to be capable of making healthy relationships…but only for a short while. They talk a good game, looking big and tough, but ultimately they are cowards. They like to crash weddings because they assume the women will be easy for them to take advantage of. But its not so easy because these women are trying to get married. Sure, they have no problem sharing every aspect of their life, but they’re all self conscious.

The bromance at the heart of the film is pretty unusual. The combination of two very different men who have no concept of how to act with another man while having a beer or five…is rather unusual in a film. So you could expect a lot of weird looks and winks.

All of this is for little purpose but to provide a scenario where the two men can hit on vulnerable women. There are no strings attached. It’s not that they’re dirty or that they don’t love their wives. In fact, their wives become distant and cold. Its a little like the men saying to the women that they would miss them if they went away. It’s a sort of chivalry with no strings attached. And, if the women are willing they give up their standards of what men should or should not do. John and Jeremy aren’t the first to do this. (The best one is Mean Streets ).

It’s kind of crazy. It’s like the ultimate revenge against the institution of marriage. Essentially they have far less for their little family than the people trying to get married. They have no kids, no house, and no sense of responsibility. It’s all free booze, raps, and women. That’s it. And we know that any relationship that depends solely on drugs, booze, and sex is going to be a failure.

It’s a rare combination of stars who have a lot of chemistry with each other that just doesn’t work together in other movies. Sure, you can try with your own marriage but that’s a very different situation. This movie isn’t a success because of any particular marriage or relationship. It’s a success because it’s a cataclysmic joke on love and relationships. It can also be a decent action/comedy type film. It was made in the last few years and it’s about a straight guy and a gay guy coming together and falling in love while they’re crashing weddings. It has big names and it’s a kind of raw movie so it’s got a good chance of working. But it still needed a more logical plot and more of what it’s kind of supposed to be.

Encoded/Released By :BADASSMEDIA / ETRG Title/Year :Wedding Crashers (Ripcord Edition) / 2005 File Size :2.74 GiB Genre :Comedy, Romance Source :BluRay Ripcord [Thanks] Chapters :Yes Sample :Yes Subtitles :English, Spanish ( IMDB :
Academy Award-nominated Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn star as John Beck with and Jeremy Klein, two partying divorce attorneys – and committed womanizers – who have figured out a surefire way to meet women: they crash weddings.
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